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Former college teacher facing multiple felony charges for sexual acts with minors

The Attorney General’s office has filed multiple sexually related felony charges against a former ASCC instructor.

James Barlow is accused of giving three boys alcohol, watching pornographic movies and having sex with the three minors, all young men. Barlow appeared this morning on his pre-trial conference for a DUI offense when CID detectives Elden Ane, Vili Faa’pouli and Vaina Vaofanua served the defendant with the additional felony charges.

The defendant, who’s being held on bail of $100,00 is charged with two counts of sodomy; three counts of deviate sexual assault; two counts of child sexual abuse; three counts of furnishing pornographic materials to minors; three counts of aiding a child to possess and consume alcohol; three counts of endangering the welfare of a child; DUI; careless driving and non possession of a driver’s license.

Court filings state that on October 25, 2011 the first victim was at the defendant’s house and it’s alleged the defendant gave the victim a beer and turned on a pornographic movie. The victim told police he was uncomfortable because Barlow was watching him and making kissing noises. It’s alleged when the beer was finished Barlow and the victim went to fetch more beer from the store, where they saw the second victim.

According to court documents the second victim was invited to Barlow’s house. It’s alleged when the defendant got home with the two boys, they started drinking beer and shortly afterward, the third victim arrived.

The three victims told police the defendant showed the pornographic video again and the defendant told the three boys that he would give them $5.00 each, if they had sex with him, according to the filing.

Court filings say, the defendant went into his bedroom and called the boys in, one by one and had sex with them.

Aside from the sexually related charges, Barlow is also fighting the DUI charges against him.

According to the government’s case the defendant had a party at his residence with the three juveniles before heading onto the road. It’s alleged the defendant’s vehicle was pulled over by police early in November last year in Fogagogo, while the three students present were allegedly intoxicated.

The college terminated Barlow’s employment not long after he was facing criminal charges.

When Barlow appeared in court yesterday, his lawyer Mark Ude told the court that he is withdrawing as the defendant’s lawyer. However District Court Judge John Ward told Ude that he’s the lawyer on record. Ward continued Barlow’s case to today for his initial appearance.

Ude told Samoa News that he has 30 cases against the government and he does not do felony cases any more. “Every time a client with a felony case comes to me I say no. The only felony case I have are the ones appointed by the court,” said Ude.

Prosecuting for the government is Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop Folau.