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Former ASESRO staffer sounds alarm for \potential destruction of evidence\

Grants coordinator for the American Samoa Economic Stimulus and Recovery Office (ASESRO) Peter James has written a letter to ASG Treasurer Falema'o Pili regarding what he calls the \potential destruction of evidence in an on-going federal investigation.\ James said he hand delivered the letter to Falema'o on Sunday. He was handed a termination letter late Monday morning, along with other ASESRO employees.In a copy of his letter, obtained by Samoa News, James points to an ongoing investigation by the US Treasury Department's Office of Inspector General (OIG) and says potential evidence \either has been or is about to be destroyed.\ James wrote he is compelled by professional ethics to make responsible individuals in the American Samoa Government aware of the situation.According to James, last Friday at about 3:30p.m., he was in the ASESRO office on the third floor of the EOB when workers from the Treasury's IT department told ASESRO employees that they were instructed by Falema'o to confiscate all ASESRO computers and have their hard drives re-formatted. James said the IT representatives said that if anyone had a problem, they should contact Falema'o.James said he immediately went to Falema'o's office to speak with him but was told the Treasurer was not available and that he would not be permitted to see him. Later that afternoon, after all the computers had been removed, James says he was finally able to speak to Falema'o, who told him that he had \very specific direct orders to do that.\\My only interest in the matter is to help you and any other ASG employees involved to avoid potential problems arising from such actions