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Ford Celebrates 50th year with Samoa Motors

Putting the world on wheels —One hundred and ten years ago, on June 16, 1903, Henry Ford and 11 original investors signed incorporation papers to form Ford Motor Company, starting with only a dream, $28,000 in cash, and a few blue prints and tools.


A month later, Ford and his young company faced their first daunting obstacle: The company was on its last leg, with a cash balance of less than $250. A much-needed cash infusion arrived on July13, 1903: One full payment and two deposits for three Model A cars, totaling $1,320. The sales kept Ford Motor Company afloat.


“The Model A helped keep our company going during a difficult time and encouraged my great-grandfather to continue pursuing his vision of putting the world on wheels,” said Bill Ford. “We look forward to carrying that same spirit of innovation and resilience forward as we develop new technologies for safer, cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles.”


With the success of the Model A, Ford’s dream became more of a reality. Ford realized he wanted to ultimately build a car "so affordable that any man with a good salary could afford to own one" – a concept which really took off with the introduction of the Model T, the car for the multitudes. The Model T’s reliability, affordability and quality allowed consumers to see themselves as new drivers. With the purchase of Model T, people witnessed firsthand not only the ingenious spirit of The Ford Motor Company but also a dramatic upsurge in their quality of life. The Model T became the most accessible and popular car of the decade and known as the automobile that put the world on wheels.


Since the early 70’s, Ford has been exporting Ford cars and trucks over 8,000 miles from Dearborn, Michigan across the Pacific to Samoa Motors in American Samoa which quickly became one of the most important markets for Ford in the South Pacific and also boasts among the highest market shares for Ford in the world.


"Today, Ford is one of the world’s largest automakers and the Ford blue oval isone of the three most recognized symbols in the world," said David Westerman, regional director, Asia Pacific, Ford Export & Growth Operations.


"With a fantastic lineup of brand new products, and service initiatives slated to launch here in the next two years, our future in American Samoa is bound to be filled with success stories," he added.


Ford trucks take on the world - Given American Samoa’s rugged geography, pickup trucks and sport utilities are some of the most popular vehicles among Samoan drivers. And no other automaker in the world is better known for superior quality and reliable trucks than Ford.


Every day, Samoan Ford owners use innovative and advanced products like Ford F150 and other Ford trucks for all purposes – work and play. As the Ford Motor Company continues to offer technical advancements and creative new versions of its trucks - few may recall that the first Ford truck was born on a platform derivative of the famous Model T.


Billed as the Ford Model T Runabout with ‘Pickup Body’, the first factory-assembled pickup debuted in 1925 and sold for US$281. Thirty-four thousand were sold that year, featuring a cargo box, adjustable tailgate and heavy-duty rear springs.


Just a decade later, Ford had produced 3 million trucks and was leading the industry in sales.  In 1948, the famous F-Series, today a staple truck on Samoan roads, was first unveiled to the world as Ford's first all-new, post-World War II line of commercial vehicles ranging from the half-ton F-1 to the three-ton F-8.


As the 1950s approached, there was a push to transition the commercially-designed trucks into comfortable, stylish new brands. Naturally, Ford led the way making significant changes in the design and presentation of the well-known truck series. In celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary, Ford offered a brand new truck line up that impressed customers with the most significant design and content changes they had seen in nearly two decades. The new truck series became a more driver- and passenger-friendly cab, with a curved windshield and hood, and a new instrument panel.


Ford Tough Trucks and Cars for the 21st Century


The lineup of all-new or redesigned Ford trucks that now rule the road are the culmination of more than a century of Ford trucking history and innovation. Wildly popular in American Samoa, the 2013 F-series and other truck siblings will always be “built Ford Tough”.


Add to that the range of leading Ford SUVs, sedans and compact cars, smart technologies, safety and fuel efficiency standards they now offer their riders, and Ford has on its hands the ultimate lineup of 21st century cars and trucks.


Well into its second century today, Ford Motor Company is now globally revolutionizing the auto industry with models that continually set the new standard in their segment, such as the best-selling truck in the world, the F-Series; the highly celebrated multi-award-winning all-new Ford Ranger; Ford’s iconic Explorer; and 2012’s best-selling car in the world, the all-new Ford Focus.


2013 is a particularly special year for Ford as it celebrates both its 110th anniversary as a company and the 150th birthday of its founder, Henry Ford.


“In terms of the basics, little has changed since Ford's beginnings back in 1903. The company still designs innovative vehicles at the best value, holds customer satisfaction as our number one priority and believe our people are our greatest asset as we get ready to serve Samoan customers for the next 110 years,” said Westerman.


About Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 175,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information on the company and about Ford’s products, please visit