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Fono in Review



Sen. Avegalio Aigamaua is sponsoring a resolution commending members of the Board of Trustees of the American Samoa Government Employee’s Retirement Fund for their years of admirable service to the fund.


The outstanding years of service contributed by the current board Chairman Aleki Sene, as well as Magalei Logovii, Faoa Aitofele Sunia, Brandt Judy and Fanene Morris Scanlan are undoubtedly marked with distinction and with each individual providing service for many notable years, says the resolution.


The board was able to responsibly and diligently manage and invest the fund portfolio which has seen consistent growth over the years, it notes, adding the Board's relentless efforts has created a very strong fund, which is ranked 15th nationwide.


The resolution says the government and the people of American Samoa owe gratitude for the many years of remarkable service by these noteworthy individuals for the lasting legacy they leave for the future.




“To be honest, Government service is usually not known for its urgency of response however, given the nature of my District’s request and the manner by which it was handled, I am very much impressed with the new direction that ASPA is heading under your guidance,”  wrote Tualauta Representative Florence Vaili Saulo. in a letter sent to ASPA CEO Utu Abe Malae, thanking him for his immediate assistance to several residents of Tualauta District.


She pointed out that she first approached ASPA about the Fereti family of Mapusaga Fou, who for more than ten years lived in extreme hardship as their home had no electric service connection. “With kerosene lanterns they did their best to care for their 11 children and the rest of their household. "They had no means of earning a steady income as they only had farming and fishing to resort to, depending on whatever they managed to sell at the market”, she said.


"Apparently, the family attempted many times to seek assistance with their electricity situation but were constantly turned down until they finally gave up and stopped trying,” she said in her letter.


The faipule further thanked Utu and ASPA for having the streetlight installed after just four days of the request. She continued, “As you know, properly functioning streetlights not only improve safety but also act as a deterrent for criminal activity. It is no secret that Tualauta has the highest crime rate in American Samoa and most of these crimes are committed during the dark hours and so these streetlights do play an important role in crime prevention.”


On behalf of the many residents of Tualauta, Vui with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation thanked Utu and the staff of ASPA for their hard work and great service. I am sure that there are many great things to look forward to from the ASPA and hope that we can continue our working relationship for the benefit of our people.”




Department of Public Safety Commissioner William Haleck is being called as a witness before the House of Representatives following complaints raised by Pago Pago Faipule Va’amua Henry Sesepasara, who claims that there are not enough signs on the main road to indicate the speed limit.


Vaamua said during the regular session last week that he was cited for speeding and he challenged his ticket with the court and informed the judge that there are no signs on the main road indicating what mileage is prohibited on the road.


He pointed out that the law is clear, that there should be speed limit signs on the main road.


Rep. Alexander Eli Jennings informed the Fono that a hearing will be held today to discuss issues about speed limit signs, boom box noise, and other issues concerning public safety.