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Flags lowered at half staff in remembrance of Navy Yard shooting victims

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has ordered the U.S. and America Samoa flags to be flown at half staff in remembrance of the victims of the Navy Yard shooting in Washington DC, and in solidarity, the flags were lowered yesterday. This will continue thru Saturday, September 20, 2013.


According to the proclamation issued, the governor noted that in compliance with  President Barack Obama’s call for the Nation and its Territories to honor and mourn the senseless killing of 12 workers and the wounding of several others in the Naval Shipyard, we  lower the U.S. and American Samoa flags.


According to AP, federal investigators are working to piece together exactly what might have triggered Monday's shooting spree. The feds collected Aaron Alexis' computer and other possessions from the hotel where he spent his last days, a senior law enforcement source said.


They are also speaking to people he'd met since coming to Washington three weeks before the rampage. So far, nothing has pointed to a specific motive for the killings. According to AP, this was the deadliest attack at a domestic military installation since November 2009.