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Five injured in SRU accident

What was supposed to have been a physical training exercise for Samoan Rugby’s A team at Tiapapata yesterday morning, ended in a nightmare.A High Performance Unit truck loaded with 47 rugby players was coming down a greasy section of Cross Island Road and had just turned a sharp corner, when it drove into a nearby wall tipping players off the tray.Truck driver, Paulo Petelo, told Sunday Samoan that the problem was due to failed brakes, which left him with no option but to drive into the wall to stop the truck.Shocked and dazed, rugby players wandered around with bloodied cuts and injuries, while others were lying on the road. Nearby home owners reported hearing a huge bang and emerged to find the truck partway off the sloped road with players littered on theground and over a concrete and stone fence.As traffic banked up on both sides of the road, the distant sound of sirens of ambulances and fire trucks could be heard making their way up the hill.Police at the scene confirmed yesterday that two players are in critical condition.