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Fire burns down Vaitogi home

An unoccupied two bedroom house burned to the ground in Vaitogi, Monday evening. Homeowner David Tupua said the house was in the process of being renovated and could not be saved.


Tupua said he smelled something burning around 8p.m. and when he exited the home he currently lives in, he saw his other house on fire and immediately contacted the Fire Department.


The homeowner told Samoa News that when he reported the fire, he was told that someone had already reported it. Tupua commended the firemen for their immediate response, although they couldn’t save the house, given that the fire had already spread.


Tupua said the house in question was boarded up and had no electricity so it’s unclear to him how the fire started.


There were three fire trucks at the scene and more than 10 firemen assisted in putting out the fire. Police officers at the scene told Samoa News they are investigating the matter.


Tupua told Samoa News, “thankfully, no one was injured from this fire.”