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The final cash count for villages at Flag Day

Although Pago Pago’s fautasi ‘Aeto’ didn’t claim the title of Champ in the 2014 Fautasi Race regatta, the village was the big winner, when it comes to total cash received in prizes for three main events this year.


Cash prizes and awards were announced during the closing ceremony that started just after 6p.m. Thursday at Veterans Memorial Stadium.


They were for:  fautasi race; siva and pese; and the Flag Day men and women’s cricket league.  Based on information announced at the time, total cash presented for the three events stands at $202,000.


Total cash for the fautasi race was $74,000: with $20,000 to Manulele Tausala #1 - the winner; 2nd place $15,000 to Aeto; and 3rd place $10,000 to Paepaeulupo’o. Other prizes: $7,000 4th place; 5th place $6,000; 6th place $5,000; 7th place $4,000; 8th place $3,000; 9th place $2,000 and 10th place $2,000.


For Siva and Pese the total handed out stands at $100,000 with each of the five groups getting $20,000. Besides the cash from the Flag Day Committee, each of the groups during their ‘taualuga’ received hundreds of dollars in cash donations from supporters and family members.


For men’s and women’s cricket league, cash was given from 1st to 4th place totaling $28,000.


In the case of Pago Pago, the village received $20,000 for the “pese” and $15,000 for the Aeto fautasi for a total of $35,000. 


Vailoatai followed behind with total cash prizes at $28,000  ($20,000 for siva; $6,000 for winning the women’s cricket tournament; and $2,000 for the Fa’asaulala fautasi that took 9th place).


And for Nu’uuli, total cash ended up at  $25,000 - with $20,000 for Manulele Tausala #1 fautasi, which took first place and Manulele Tausala #2 that claimed 6th place.


It’s unclear how much the government allocated for the 2014 Flag Day celebration but the committee sought and received donations from businesses and others.