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Cool Stuff: Osmo Pocket, Fa’a McGuiver — it's more than a novelty

The DJI Osmo Pocket

Honolulu, HAWAII — The DJI Osmo Pocket is more than a tiny novelty camera that is always with you.  It gives you stabilized video, does time-lapse, FPV, regular still photos, slo-mo 120 fps, active track on someone or your face, shoots in low light with its 80 degree f2.0 lens, 4K 60fps, and as previously published front page of the Samoa News does fantastic panoramic wide shots (Pago Harbor beauty image contrasting record East Coast freezing).  

With 3rd party manufacturers my personal Osmo Pocket will continue to rock YOU, our Samoa News local and Worldwide readers.  

The $349 DJI Osmo Pocket is available at,, and the magical San Diego Drones Made Easy,  Drones Made Easy has in-house repair techs that have saved my personal DJI products from being bricked. DME also carries a huge inventory of DJI drone/gimble accessories (Polar Pro, Lume Cube, Rode) and others I had to find in distant China.  

The Samoa News has respectfully applied for Pacific Games photo credentials.  We will of course pursue our tradition of dynamic big lens and wide angle conventional Nikon DSLR shots... but DJI products and a highly anticipated new DJI camera release this Wednesday should make our Pacific Games imagery ultra dynamic with fresh never before captured perspectives (including on water and underwater shots).

Out of the box, the DJI Osmo Pocket is a prosumer stabilized 3 axis still/video camera gimble that produces remarkable professional results.

Your favorite Cool Stuff is known Worldwide as the McGuiver of the photo/ video/ drone/ gimble universe.  All us Savaii connected guys are used to taking a tire inner tube, or copper wire off the ground to fix anything on the spot.  Cool Stuff does the same fa’a Savaii/fa’a McGuiver with tech Worldwide.

In the above image, our DJI Osmo Pocket incorporates the Polar Pro ND filter, and 1/4-20 wifi adapter to fit on a Joby armed Gorilla Pod, with Rode Microphone and Lume Cube light.  DJI accessories integral (but not visible) to this set up are the wifi and mic adapter accessories.

This vision came out of my past experience shooting the exciting Samoa Jazz Festival, knowing I could set up multiple units to capture the performers and crowd via remote control, while still shooting conventional DSLR still images.

At the Hong Kong 7s a few months ago, I was able to capture the entire legendary infamous South Stands in one panoramic image...never done before.  At the Canada 7s organizers were amazed at my DJI Osmo Pocket panoramic of their venue, BC Place... which they had never seen.

Cool Stuff was honored to be invited to meet with a DJI Media Executive at the DJI Flagship

Store in Hong Kong who was delighted to see I could shoot at night in dark HK back alleys and implement the Osmo Pocket into conventional news coverage. 

A day later Cool Stuff hit the streets in Kowloon, China to buy PGY Tech smartphone monitor connector, monitor grip, and extension gadgets (some from the DJI Store) and a Insta360 extension that is a panoramic game changer. Elevation is the key to panoramics... gadgets are the key to elevation and level horizon (Joby’s adjustable mini tripods are de facto uneven ground levelers).

Cool Stuff’s Savaii McGuiver tradition was a key POV first person view for the international show Real TV (we built head & body mounts from scratch), we fa’a Savaii McGuiver’ed our Bill Hyman Macintosh Laptop to produce Samoa’s first ever domestically produced color newspaper (‘93-‘94 Samoa Times, Apia), and now re-invent Samoa News sports/news imagery, as you are accustomed, with our expanded relationship with DJI, its 3rd party manufacturers, fair weather, a lot of luck, and good timing.

So we challenge you to demand more from us.  Help us learn about great local stories, clue us in to breaking news, and encourage your favorite businesses to sponsor our efforts to document history... your Territorial athletes bringing home honor from the Pacific Games.