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Father and son team victorious in Palm Springs

APIA, Samoa — The father and son team of Garry and Niko Vui have emerged as champions of the World Parent Junior Championship held last Saturday.


The tournament gives a chance for parents to play with their son or daughter in a fun and competitive environment leading up to the World Junior Masters of Golf tournament.


Mr. Garry Vui was ecstatic to report their results and went on to say that their father-son pairing made a world class team. “We went to the wrong course at first so we arrived late and were quickly ushered to the 16th hole where we were to play against a father-son team from Korea. We shot a 67, 5 under par and the next best gross score was a 71,” Mr. Vui said.


Because the two were late, they had to start the tournament with no warm-ups, no putting practice and no knowledge of the course. But with teamwork and determination, the two came out on top. The golfing world is now starting to recognize these world champions from Samoa, and perhaps the next Earl and Tiger Woods.


Source: Bluesky Communications