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Family of man in Matu'u stream suspect foul play

The family of the man who was pulled out from a stream in Matu’u and identified as Tu’ufuli “Duki” Savea are suspecting that there was foul play in Duki’s death. 

While investigations are underway by Detectives of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) since the man was found last week Friday, the family is hoping that the police come to a conclusion in the case of their relative.

Lisa Savea, the sister of the deceased, told Samoa News that they suspect someone pushed her brother down in the stream. She added that her brother was last seen Thursday morning and usually he would spend the night at relatives near where his body was found. However, she said they were very shocked and surprised as to why this has happened.

Duki, who attended Samoana High School Special Education Classes, is the eldest of five siblings and the son of the late Savea Tu’ufuli of Matu’u.

Lisa said her brother started his education from Matafao’s special education classes up to Samoana. She said her brother was working for Goodwill for quite a while until October when he stopped. She further told Samoa News that up to now, they have not been allowed to see her brother until an autopsy has been done.

Eletise Tunu a cousin of the deceased in tears told Samoa News that she hopes the police will find out what really happened so their family can be at peace.

Tunu said, their family was contacted last Friday morning that Duki’s body was found in the stream and upon their arrival Duki was face down with his head in the water, with his pants half way down. “We are waiting for the outcome of the autopsy given that Duki did not sustain any injuries but we will wait and see the report from the autopsy,” she said.

In the meantime, Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli confirmed that an autopsy has been requested by police to determine the death of Duki.

The Deputy Commissioner said Criminal Investigations Division detectives are continuing their investigation in this case.

Samoa News askedCID Commander, Lavata’i Ta’ase Sagapolutele, if police suspect foul play in the death of Duki.

The CID Commander declined to answer but noted that since this case surfaced, the detectives have worked overtime as well as on the weekend in this case. He further stated that his entire unit of close to ten detectives is working on this case.

Samoa News last week spoke to one of the witnesses, Tupu Aiono who had been drinking with the deceased, and his cousin. Aiono said he had arrived in the territory from Utah early in November for a funeral.

“I only met him last night (Thursday) when he came with my cousin to my house and we drank beer and after his fourth bottle, he left. I could tell he was drunk so we told him to go home and get some rest. Then he left, but I don’t know he may have gone somewhere else, but I was surprised to be awakened by my mother this morning (Friday) to find that he (the deceased) was found in the river behind our house” said Aiono. 

“I came outside and saw him (deceased) facing down, with his pants half down, I don’t know maybe he slipped down when he was trying to urinate or what.”

Police sources said the call to the Department of Public Safety was from a woman around 7:15 a.m. Friday morning and she said that she found the body in the Matu’u stream when she was on her way to take her children to school.