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Faleatiu, Samoa Police make peace after deadly shooting

An ava ceremony was the symbol of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation when the Police met the family of Tagaloasa Filipaina at Faleatiu, yesterday.

The ceremony was the first official meeting between the parties to make peace. Most importantly, it allowed Police to return to the ground, which nearly claimed the lives of three more Police officers, last month. Present was the Assistant Police Commissioner, Leaupepe Fatu Pula with other senior Police officers.

The high chief of Faleatiu, Talimatasi Setu, who is the father of David Tua was also present with Ailepia Vaele Tuavale and Mugi Satuiolosega Mo’a, sister of Tagaloasa Filipaina. It was during the ceremony that the village matai and representative of the family of Faisauvale agreed to allow the police to conduct their investigation in relation to the deadly shooting there, last month.

A narcotics raid at Faleatiu left three police officers injured and a Faleatiu man dead. Prior to the ava ceremony, there was some tension. The Samoa Observer understands that some Police officers wore bulletproof vests inside their shirts.