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Faga’itua High School’s NHS inducts new members

Faga’itua High School held its annual induction ceremony for the National Honor Society last Friday evening, February 22, 2013 at Sadie’s by the Sea Conference Room to welcome the new inductees who were qualified to become members of this elite society.


To be eligible for membership consideration, applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above. In addition, candidates must also meet the high standards of leadership, service, and character expected by not only the NHS Board of the society, but especially the school and community.


This enables them to be good role models and examples to our fellow students at Faga’itua High, and will also motivate others to join this society.


Students must follow a certain procedure to meet the requirements of being a member of this society; after qualifying, the student must write an essay and fill out an application for the board members to review. (Board members consist of members of the faculty appointed by the principal.) The candidates are then interviewed and evaluated by the NHS Board of the chapter, and finally new members of the National Honor Society are selected.


Leadership is an essential aspect within this society, and is based on a student’s participation in community and school activities, such as holding a position as a leader in Student Council or any other organization and club. In meeting the service requirement, the student must have been active in service projects in the school or community.


Last but not the least, character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, and ethics.


Faga’itua’s National Honor Society’s inductees for school year 2012-2013 are: Seniors Avemaoe Liaiga of Fogagogo and Lauli’i, and Fa’aninimo Lavata’i of Masefau; Junior student Elisapeta Leo of Leloaloa; Sophomore students Destiny Su’a of Vaitogi and Lauli’i, Lemau Ta’ale of Atu’u, and Roderick Fano of Faga’itua and Faga’alu.


Faga’itua High is very proud to welcome these six inductees as additions to the outstanding members of our NHS Milton de Mello chapter. They are chosen for and are then expected to continue their exemplary contributions to both the school and community. Some community service projects that we have been able to complete this school year are the annual Thanksgiving service donation of linen and bedding material to the Fatuoaiga Hope House and the “Walk For Asma” fundraiser that helped to raise financial assistance to a fellow Viking student who was diagnosed with cancer last semester.


The special guest speaker for the night was meteorologist Mrs. Carol Baqui, who is an alumni of Faga’itua High; class of 1994 valedictorian. She provided an inspirational message that touched upon the theme for the night, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Vice-Principal Pooch Ta’ase offered the congratulatory remarks and Rev. Elder Aofia (CCCAS-Aoa) offered the invocation and benediction. Music was provided by the NHS members under the direction of Eleni Fanene, Rosalena Aab and Chanel Lauiva’a Tavai.


The NHS members would like to thank Honorable Representative Talaimatai Su’a of Aunu’u, Faga’itua High School PTA and Special Guest Mrs. Carol Baqui for their generous donations to the students and in helping to make our induction a memorable and special night.


The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students across the nation. There have been chapters in more than 16,000 high schools since 1921; millions of students have been selected for membership.


Millions of dollars in scholarships have been awarded to senior members since 1945 by the sponsoring organization, NASSP.


Faga’itua High School, Milton de Mello Chapter members are: Sitivi Sitafine Jr., Easter Lagitao, Sarona Toelapai, Faye Lealasola, Eleni Fanene, Mellody A. Parungo, Rosalena Aab, Lauiva’a Chanel Tavai, Drewan Lemafa, Miracle Taiese, Vanessa Fa’asua, Paul von Dincklage, Antonina Lilomaiava, Ellen Amber Ropeti, Ruth Farani, Leiema Fano, Josephine Salipopo, Josephine Semaia, Crystal Ta’ale and Shammah Faiilagi.