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AS-EPA signs need to be taken seriously

Despite the AS-EPA signs posted at the popular swimming areas in Utulei notifying people that ocean water testing indicates that the beaches are NOT SAFE for swimming,  Utulei Beach and Gataivai  (across from Laundromat in Utulei area) were filled with adults and children enjoying the ocean.

According to the weekly AS-EPA Notice posted in the Samoa News, unsafe beaches are polluted with bacteria, which may be a threat to your health. You should NOT swim, wade, or fish within 400 feet of these polluted beaches.

When asked about any enforcement action that can be taken when this happens, an AS-EPA representative said the only thing their office can do is put out notices and update the public about the unsafe locations. Enforcement is out of their jurisdiction.

Sadly most of the swimmers seen using the beaches last Saturday were within the age range of 18 months to teenagers. How fast we forget the threat of leptospirosis, and other water-borne illnesses, which can cause serious illnesses, and in certain severe cases —death.