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Eliota Siaumau Senior's assault case bound over to High Court

Eliota Siaumau Senior will be arraigned in the High Court today in connection with an incident that occurred two years ago. Siaumau Sr is charged with second degree assault, a class D felony punishable by imprisonment for up to five years, a fine of $5,000.00, or both.

Siaumau Sr’s case was bound over from the District Court after DC Judge John Ward found probable cause to move this matter to the High Court.

According to the government’s case, on May 15, 2010, police were called on a public peace disturbance incident at then Taps Night Club in Fogagogo. Police interviewed one witness who said he was talking with a friend when Siaumau Sr.’s son, Elliott, Jr., approached them and asked who his friend was and where was he from.

According to court filings the conversation become confrontational between Elliot Jr and the witness, so when a girl came over and asked for a dance the witness danced with the girl to avoid any further conversation.

The government alleges that shortly thereafter, another witness told police he saw Elliot Jr confront the victim on the dance floor and a fight ensued involving multiple persons.

It's alleged that during the fist fight, Siaumau, Sr. grabbed the victim and both Elliott Jr and Eliota Siaumau, Sr. continued to assault the victim by punching and kicking him while he was on the ground.

According to the government’s case, the witness told police he saw Siaumau, Sr., approach victim number two who was walking with a female. It’s alleged Siaumau, Sr. tried to punch victim, but missed and instead punched the female knocking her to the ground, unconscious.

“Then defendant punched victim in the face and victim fell to the ground and defendant and another man continued to beat up the victim while he was on the ground” according to court filings. The witness told police he tried to pull the victim away from Eliota Sr, when Eliota Sr kicked him in the chest.

However the victim managed to get off the ground and start to run away when he saw Siaumau, Sr. throw a rock at the victim hitting him on the head causing the victim to fall to the ground.

According to the government’s case, another witness saw Siaumau, Sr. hit the victim in the head with cement bricks.

A security guard at the night club said he saw the fight break out and Siaumau, Sr. participated. He added that he ran toward where the incident occurred and saw Siaumau, Sr. and another man punching the victim until he fell to the ground and then Siaumau, Sr. grabbed a cement brick and threw it at the victim hitting him on the head. 

Police interviewed the victim, hospitalized as a result, who said he saw his friend (first victim) on the ground being beaten up and went to help him and Siaumau, Sr. was one of the people beating on his friend.

According to court filings, the victim then pushed Siaumau, Sr. to get him away from his friend however when his friend left, Siaumau, Sr. hit him on the head with a beer bottle. The victim said he got dizzy and tried to run away, but four men were chasing him so he fell to the ground and was put in handcuffs and dragged backstage where they further beat him up.

According to the government’s case the victim suffered swelling in the facial area, a three inch laceration on the back of his head requiring stitches and other multiple scratches and bruises.

Prosecuting this matter is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.