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Egyptian women protest abuse by military

CAIRO (AP) -- Thousands of Egyptian women marched in the streets of Cairo on Tuesday, protesting abuse by soldiers who dragged women by the hair, stomped on them and stripped one half naked on the street while cracking down on anti-military protesters in scenes that shocked many in the conservative society.The march was a rare protest by women and its numbers - about 10,000 by some estimates - underlined the depth of anger over the images from the fierce crackdown over the past five days on protesters demanding the ruling military step down immediately.Even before the protest was over, the ruling military council issued an unusual apology for what it called \violations\ - a quick turnaround after days of dismissing the significance of the abuse.The council expressed \deep regret to the great women of Egypt\ and reaffirmed \its respect and total appreciation for the women of Egypt and their right to protest