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DYWA and Busy Corner Magazine host digital workshop for local youth

The Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs, in conjunction with Busy Corner Magazine, held last week a one-day workshop focused on the digital economy. The workshop was held at the DYWA Office on the second floor of the A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building in Utulei and was conducted by John Wasko of Busy Corner Magazine and DYWA Acting Director Pa’u Roy T. Ausage.


In an email correspondence to the Samoa News yesterday, the workshop hosts wrote, “Our community in American Samoa is aware of the trend of high technology globally, and the need for our young people to understand where the future leads us in regards to technology.”


They noted that American Samoa already has a fiber optic cable with ASH cable. “The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) is currently working on a $95-million-dollar “fiber to the home” broadband service which should be fully operational by 2015, and a new era of commerce in the territory will begin.” This will result in high speed, high capacity, broadband access that will enable products, ideas, and services to be traded globally from American Samoa.


The DYWA Acting Director explained that the “Digital Economy” seminar for youth prepares future internet entrepreneurs on the software, strategies, and style of electronic or “E-Commerce”.


“The Digital Economy foresees the next 21st century step in American Samoa’s economic development where our existing resources—human, natural, infrastructure, and digital— will drive economic growth in education, travel, and online retail sales,” he said.


“The key to American Samoa’s economic growth is information, data, and content shared over the internet with our future global customers, trading partners, students, and visitors. The workshop participants who are already skillful in arts, graphics, photography, and web development and writing will begin their entry into the new economy by learning 21st century application of the tools and strategies available in today’s modern business world,” he concluded.


All inquiries about the digital workshop can be forwarded directly to Pa’u Roy T. Ausage at 633-2835.