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Drugs allegedly found inside empty container at Port

Police are currently investigating what they allege to be a marijuana substance found in a container that has been at the main dock since last week. Samoa News understands the container belongs to a family that recently moved to the territory from the U.S.

Customs Office agents witnessed an unknown species of spider crawling out of the container during a routine check and called in Quarantine agents at the dock to help them search the container. The Customs K-9 unit, who were also involved in the procedural search, alerted the agents of the possible presence of an illegal substance.  

Samoa News learned the K-9 unit alerted agents near a medium size jam jar (with no label) that was found, among other things, inside the container. It was at this time the police were contacted.

When police opened the jar they found three much smaller metal containers. One container allegedly had “liquid hash oil”, which was tested and turned out positive for marijuana.

(Hash oil is produced by boiling hash or marijuana in a solvent. This process results in a thick liquid that can be clear, yellow, dark brown, or black in color, according to website.)

The remaining containers allegedly contained what appears to be marijuana form called hashish - or what looks like brown sugar substance-  and this substance was also tested and was also positive of marijuana.

Allegedly police also confiscated several pipes commonly used to smoke marijuana that were found in the container.