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DPS officers reassigned to tackle overtime issues at Public Safety

To tackle Governor Lolo M. Moliga’s move to discontinue overtime, Commissioner of Public Safety William Bill Haleck has made personnel changes within the police station and substations. This was revealed in a memorandum issued last Friday noting “Temporary Manpower Reshuffling”.


“In light of our past overtime issues, which have recently caused a big financial burden for our government, I (Haleck) find it necessary to reevaluate our current manpower situation in order for us to do our part to help out with this situation.


“Our department as you know was largely responsible for the most accumulated overtime to date from past years which our Government now has to pay out in order to comply with the US Department of Labor in recent findings,” said Haleck.


The DPS Commissioner noted that in making sure that DPS does not cause the burden to the government again, he must make personnel shift changes in the police officers work schedule to meet the manpower shortage requirements for each of the three shifts in the Central, Tafuna, Leone, Fagaitua and Traffic divisions.


This major temporary manpower reshuffling went into effect yesterday, Sunday, April 21, 2013.


The memorandum, also noted the advisors for Central Station are Chief of Police Vaimaga Maiava and Criminal Investigation Division Commander Lavata’i Ta’ase Sagapolutele; for the Tafuna Substation, Captain Fo’ifua Fo’ifua and Commander Va’aomala Sunia; for the Leone Substation, Commander Ruta Letuli and Captain Lima Togia; for the East Substation, advisors are Commander Lee Vaouli (who’s also Office of Motor Vehicles- OMV- Manager) and Captain Moleli Tavai.


Highway Safety Program Manager Lt. Tolia Solaita has been assigned as Watch Commander with the Patrol division at the Tafuna Substation (last week it was reported that the Commissioner had taken over management of the Highway Safety programs) and MACSAP Lt. Ioasa Pese has also been reassigned to the Patrol division also with the Tafuna Station. Sgt. Mary Leiato, who was Watch Commander with Patrol division, has been reassigned to the Tafuna Substation as Assistant Watch Commander.


East Substation Watch Commander Lt. Sala Falelua has been reassigned to the Central Station, while Sgt Pulefano Tu’ufuli, who was with the Internal Division has been assigned as Assistant Watch Commander at the Central Station.


Long term CID Detective Sgt. Siliaivao Sea, is now Assistant Watch Commander with the Patrol Division also at the Central Station. Another CID Detective Elden Ane has been reassigned to the Patrol Division with Tafuna Station. Traffic Officer Savelio Vaofanua has been reassigned to the Patrol Division at the Leone Substation, while Police Officer Annie Nelly Godinet has been assigned as a Detective with the CID.


Senior Police Officer Tupuivao Taulelei that was with the Tafuna Station has been reassigned to the Leone Station as Assistant Watch Commander. Police Officer Pekina Pulemagafa with the Patrol Division has been assigned to the Traffic Division.


Haleck in the memo said that he’s discussed the personnel reshuffling with Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli and Chief of Police Vaimaga Maiava and Supervisors that came up with the current manpower work place solution that will “hopefully” allow DPS to minimize any future overtime issues.


“In doing so, our Supervisors did their very best in accommodating the needs of those of you that will be affected by this change,” Haleck said, and reiterated that this work shift plan is “temporary for now” until such time DPS can acquire or hire more police officers.