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DPS Commissioner says dishonesty, immoral behavior led to personnel changes

“Dishonesty, immoral behavior and alleged criminal conduct” is the basis of changes in personnel within the Department of Public Safety, says Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean.

In a memorandum issued on July 9, 2012 which was effective the next day, Commissioner Tuaolo said that it has come to his attention that an incident occurred within the DPS daily operations that needs to be corrected and upgraded in proper measure to minimize problems, especially with regard to “Line Function Duties”.

“I’ve been witnessing dishonesty in job performances, immoral behavior and allegedly criminal conduct in which some employees are allegedly involved.

“I’ve also noticed a need for improvement in certain areas of the department.”

Tuaolo said given the urgency for the betterment of the department, Lt McClusky Fa’agata, a watch commander of the Tafuna West Substation is to be relieved from his duties and report to Commander Lumana’i Maifea for his new assignment at the Tafuna Correctional Facility.

Sergeant Vaina Vaofanua a long time detective with the Criminal Investigation Division is now assigned to the Tafuna West Substation. Sgt Vaofanua is to report to Captain Fo’ifua Fo’ifua for his new assignment.

Police officer Vasa Wells with the Patrol Division of the Tafuna West Substation is now assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division. She’s to report to Commander Lavata’i Ta’ase Sagapolutele.


Samoa News inquired if the change of personnel had anything to do with the break- in at Bank of Hawai’i and Pizza Hut last week.

DPS spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli told Samoa News that one of the reasons that Lt Fa’agata has been re-assigned was his bad judgment call at the time of the incident. Laumoli explained that an internal investigation is being carried out within DPS at this time.

He said the call from Bank of Hawai’i about the break in was received by Lt Fa’agata who made the call that police officers from Central Station should respond to the call.

The Deputy Commissioner said, it’s puzzling as to why Lt Fa’agata wanted the central police officers to respond and yet the Bank of Hawai’i was near the West Substation.

Laumoli said Lt Fa’agata failed in carrying out  “Line Function Duties”.

He said any police officer should stay alert 24hrs a day, seven days a week, while on duty, given they are there to protect and to serve members of the public.

“If the police officers at the West Substation responded at the time of the call, the culprit(s) would have been caught in action. However, he said, Lt. Fa’agata made an erroneous judgment call.

“Watch Commanders should be alert while on duty to make their decisions wisely, because there are circumstances that come from wrong decision making.

The Deputy Commissioner told Samoa News the Watch Commanders are the heart of the Department of Public Safety and they play a huge role in the daily operations of DPS.

Laumoli then declined to further comment on the matter and said if Lt Fa’agata does not take his profession seriously then he should be replaced by someone who is keen on carrying out the duties of a Watch Commander.

Samoa News contacted Lt Fa’agata at the Tafuna Correctional Facility for comments, however the female correction officer on duty said, since the reassignment of Lt Fa’agata to TCF, the Lieutenant has yet to turn up for work.