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DPS Commissioner replaces OMV manager

The Department of Public Safety will not renew the contract for Fa’amausili Mau Mau Jr., manager of the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean has issued a memorandum dated June 6, 2012 appointing Police Commander Afui’ai Lee Vaouli as the new OMV manager.  

According to the memo, pursuant to the authority of the Commissioner of Public Safety, Commander Vaouli is hereby delegated the authority to act as the OMV Manager.

“All matters pertaining to policies and procedures remain in effect,” the memorandum states, including that Fa’amausili’s contract has expired and will not be renewed.

Commissioner Tuaolo wished Fa’amausili the best in his future endeavors.

“This memorandum rescinds the contract dated June 2009” and referenced American Samoa’s Administrative Code, Title 4.  

Fa’amausili, a former senator assigned as special assistant to the Commissioner of Public Safety was assigned to oversee the operation of the Office of Motor Vehicles in 2009 replacing former OMV Manager Marie Ripley, who has been charged in connection with the issuance of a forged driver’s license for a Tongan national. Ripley faces counts of forgery, possession of a forging instrument, and public servant acceding to corruption.

Samoa News understands that Fa’amausili is currently off island and has been gone for about a week.

Commissioner Tuaolo told Samoa News, Fa’amausili’s contract expired at the end of June 2012, however it’s July already and Fa’amausili has yet to meet with him regarding the renewal of his contract with DPS.  

Tuaolo explained that the responsibilities of the Manager of OMV cannot wait until Fa’amausili feels like working.

“The Commissioner of the Department of Public safety has the authority to assign anyone to carry out responsibilities of the OMV manager” said Tuaolo.