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DOH must undergo same process of re-registration says IT manager

The Department of Health Community Health Centers (Tafuna, Leone, Amouli, Manu’a) must undergo the same re-registration process with the new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that the hospital is working on, says DOH doctor, Elia Titimaea.


However, Dr. Titimaea made it clear that if you have registered with the hospital there is no need to register with DOH as they are sharing the same system.


In a notice issued by the DOH, they are advising all their patients to bring a government ID, driver’s license, passport, Immigration or Voter ID, etc. — or a birth certificate for minors — along with their LBJ Hospital Card. “The new Electronic Health Record is the same system being used at the LBJ Hospital."


“Similarly, patients should be aware there will be a waiting period for the Registration process when they come in as the staff is entering their information into the system for the first time.” According to a notice, accurate patient information is critical to providing good health care.


Dr Titimaea told Samoa News that their new system is supposed go live today.


He further explained that not everyone at DOH will have access to the system, just physicians, dentists, health care providers, nurses and nursing assistants. He said that for the nursing assistants, their access will include inserting patients’ vitals and certain test results. He said nurses will also have access but will be limited to what is required to complete their job.


The physicians, however will have the highest level access, so they can order labs, medication, or diagnostic imaging.


In the meantime complaints are continuing about the long lines at the hospital and especially about getting refills on medication, as the public is required to register before they are given a refill.


Ray Talalelei Tulafono, LBJ’s Chief Information Officer, who heads the hospital’s Information Technology Office told Samoa News earlier this week that there will be delays during hospital visits in the coming weeks. "We just ask for the public’s patience — and to expect a few delays with their hospital visits in the coming weeks,” he noted. “We thank all of our patients and the public for their continued patience and support as LBJ moves toward making our hospital more efficient and effective in improving the level and quality of care it provides, through improved information management.”