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DOC donates equipment to aunu’u school

A donation of equipment worth about $1,000 was made early this week by the Commerce Department to the Department of Education for A.P. Lutali Elementary School in Aunu’u, which was adopted by DOC under the governor’s ‘Adopt a School’ initiative launched earlier this year.


The donation was presented this week to Education director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau, and included a lawn mower, weed eater, ladder, wheel-barrow, four rakes, a gas tank and safety glasses for the caretaker.


During the presentation, DOC deputy director Willie Le’auanae said the needed machinery and tools were requested by the elementary school to upgrade and maintain the condition of school buildings and school grounds until the DOC team visits them again to help out.


A couple of months ago, DOC staff traveled to Aunu’u for their clean up work and asked the school principal to give them a list of what they needed to help continue cleanup on the campus by school officials.


Le’auanae said he was very happy to learn that school officials on Aunu’u were well aware of the things they needed and immediately contacted DOC for help, so that DOC was "able to provide the necessary support as soon as possible.”


In accepting the donation, Vaitinasa said that while DOC had completed its task before the start of the current school year, DOC has continued its commitment by providing this important donation that will be useful for the school.