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Damage to infrastructure, but no injuries in Wallis and Futuna

No casualties have been reported in Wallis and Futuna as the French territory takes stock of the damage caused yesterday by Tropical Cyclone Evan.

The category 4 cyclone left mainly damage to infrastructure as it passed the French territory, heading towards the Fiji group into Monday.

The head of the Wallis and Futuna administration’s cabinet, Benjamin Gerard, says Wallis felt more direct impact than Futuna.

“You can say about twenty families’ houses have been damaged. It’s the roads that have been damaged... and damages have been cast to infrastructures rather han to people. The most important thing is that not a single death or casualty has really been cast.”

France has decided to send a mission from New Caledonia to Wallis and Futuna to help with the aftermath of Cyclone Evan which hit the territory over the weekend.

The overseas territories ministry in Noumea says a CASA plane will be dispatched, also carrying 1.4 tonnes of supplies.

The ministry says after discussions with the interior ministry it has been agreed to also send a mission from Paris to Wallis which is the island most affected by the destructive winds.

Paris says it won’t hesitate to send more help if necessary.