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Customs nabs AmSam’s largest cocaine shipment

The largest quantity of cocaine ever uncovered in the territory was found earlier this week, and it came thru the U.S.P.S. which landed a 25-year-old Faleniu man behind bars awaiting official charges to be filed, says Captain Peau Paulo Leuma, who heads the Vice and Narcotics Division with the Department of Public Safety.  He said the street value of the cocaine was more than $150,000.


Customs Agents were checking the boxes according to procedure when they came across the suspected drugs. Chief Customs Officer Glen Lefiti said the agents were suspicious of the parcel and during further investigation, found a white substance within.


“The customs agents tested the white substance which was positive for cocaine. The cocaine was weighed at one kilo which is equivalent at 2.2lbs,” said Lefiti. He noted that this was the first time Custom Agents had busted cocaine that had come across the border in eleven years. This is Customs' fourth drug bust for this year, he said.


After carrying out the usual procedures when encountering drugs that come in the mail, Customs then contacted the Vice and Narcotics Division for assistance and handed the matter over to DPS.


Commissioner of Public Safety William “Bill” Haleck said the cocaine was packaged in a “stash safe diversion can soda” (that is commonly used to store money).


Samoa News understands that the drugs were stashed in two long Arizona Iced Tea cans and two regular Coke cans.  The police had confiscated all six boxes which came in the mail, of which three held the soda cans with the drugs.  Also confiscated by the police, were electronics that were in the boxes.


Samoa News also understands that the Police released the Faleniu man after the 48-hours holding period expired.


Haleck told Samoa News the drug case is unique given that the recent drug busts have been mainly of methamphetamine and marijuana— yet here is a cocaine case.


“It’s a rare occasion— all of the sudden there’s cocaine,” said Haleck. Vice Detectives said they are working on the police report to be forwarded to the AG’s office for prosecution in this matter.