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Court Report


A business woman accused of passing bad checks and felony stealing is scheduled to have her jury trial April 8, 2013. Tuilua’ai Fa’amausili who’s out on surety bond of $15,000 is represented by Fiti Sunia while prosecuting for the government’s case is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.

Each count of passing bad checks is a class D felony which is punishable up to five years in jail a fine of $5,000  a fine equal to twice the amount of gain from the commission of the said crime up to a maximum of $20,000 or both the fine and imprisonment.

Each stealing charge is a class C felony punishable for up to seven years in jail, a fine of up to $5,000 or a fine equal to twice the amount of gain from the commission of the said crime, up to a maximum of $20,000 or both the fine and imprisonment.

Mrs. Fa’amausili was in court for her pre-trial conference when Sunia asked the court for a date to hear this matter before a jury. Presiding over the matter was Chief Justice Michael Kruse.

According to the government’s case on Dec. 7, 2011 Nie Ming, owner of K& K Corporation filed a formal complaint with the CID against FTC Corporation owned by the defendant Tuilua’ai Fa’amausili and Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) Manager Mau Fa’amausili.

Mrs. Fa’amausili is accused of writing three checks to the victim’s company on three separate occasions however the account had insufficient funds to cover the checks of more than $8,000. Court documents said that on Feb. 14, 2012 a written notice was mailed to the defendant by certified mail with receipt as to the non-payment of bad checks.

According to the government’s case the defendant told police when she shopped at the victim’s business she was willing to pay cash however the victim insisted on a check.


Katerina Siliga a former insurance agent of South Seas Insurance accused of misappropriating money for a life insurance policy of a couple who reside in Savai’i was arraigned in the High Court last week Friday. The defendant is charged with two counts of embezzlement, which are class C felonies  punishable by imprisonment for up to seven years, a fine of $5,000.00, or, a fine equal to twice the amount of gain from the commission of said crime, up to a maximum of $20,000.00,  or both such fine and imprisonment.

According to the government’s case, two sisters went to South Seas Insurance to get an insurance policy for their parents who live in Savaii.

Police interviewed the defendant who said she takes the blame for what happened and has already spoken to the victims about paying them back. Siliga admitted to police that from November 2011 to June 2012 she used all the money she received from the two victims that was supposed to be payments for the insurance.


The High Court is scheduled to hear a plea agreement between the government and Romeo Peretania today. The defendant appeared last Friday in court for a hearing on a motion for suppression of evidence, however Assistant Public Defender Mike White informed the court that a plea agreement was filed in this matter.

The Chief Justice noted that he has yet to go through the plea agreement and scheduled this matter to be heard today.

Peretania who’s out on bail of $150,000 is facing one count of unlawful possession of controlled substance (methamphetamine) with intent to distribute, resisting arrest and public peace disturbance.

Court filings state when police executed a search warrant on Peretania, they confiscated 12 small baggies containing methamphetamine and a glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine, which was found in Peretania’s pocket.

Cash of $226 was also found in his possession. It’s alleged that police physically struggled with Peretania in placing handcuffs on him, and he is also accused of swearing at police officers.