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Court Report


Two high school students spent the weekend in jail on separate cases, when they were allegedly found with illegal drugs in their possession while on school campus. The Tafuna and Leone High School students made their initial appearances in the District Court yesterday morning.

Ioane Tu’umalo of Tafuna High School —who’s 18 year old— is being held on bail of $10,000. He is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Court filings say that Tafuna High School staff found Tu’umalo who’s a senior, smoking during lunch period and he was searched. In the pocket of his pants was a red plastic vial containing three joints, which were tested positive for marijuana.

 When questioned by police, Tu’umalo said he went into the bathroom and saw the red vial on the floor and picked it up. The defendant told police there were four marijuana joints inside the vial, but admitted that he smoked one. Tu’umalo of Pago Pago is scheduled to appear this Thursday for his preliminary examination.

The second student charged is a junior at Leone High School. Police said the Aoloau juvenile was under surveillance for about a week. He’s facing charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, namely marijuana, and unlawful possession with the intent to distribute marijuana.

Police said they set up a Confidential Informant (CI) to make a controlled buy of five marijuana joints from the juvenile last week Friday. The juvenile handed five hand rolled marijuana joints to the CI, which was immediately handed over to police and tested positive for marijuana.

Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger told Samoa News the government is taking into consideration whether this juvenile should be charged as an adult.


A Facebook page is alleged to be the reason why a family of seven appeared before the District Court yesterday morning.

Stella Siaumau, Georgia Siaumau, Ashley Samatua, Elaine Michael, Patrolina Michael, Nana Samuelu and a male juvenile, are all facing a public peace disturbance charge following a dispute Sunday morning in Petesa.

Court affidavit says police received a call from one of the defendant’s — Stella Siaumau — claiming that her husband’s sister, Elaine Michael and her daughter had trespassed onto her property. It’s alleged that Patrolina and her mother Elaine went into Stella’s home and argued with Stella and her daughter, and the fight escalated.

Court affidavit says that Patrolina received five stitches from the cut on the back of her head, as a result of the fight. Police said Nana and Ashley were also involved in an alleged fist fight.

Police arrested the juvenile for swearing profanities towards police officers who were called to the scene, according to court documents.

According to police, during their investigation it was revealed the root of the dispute was from a Facebook page.

Stella Siaumau and Elaine Michael were booked and released, because they have minor children, but everyone else involved were taken to jail.


Three juveniles appeared in the District Court this morning on charges of property damage and attempted stealing. They were arrested on Friday.

The trio is accused of vandalizing a vehicle that was parked at the Laufou Shopping Center last year. All three juveniles are related to each other, two are high school students and one is an elementary student.

Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger said the three are on probation for separate cases and they also have other cases pending with the court. Bullinger said they suspect the three tried to break into the vehicle.