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Court Report


A Pago Plaza building security guard was taken into custody Tuesday evening, after he allegedly sold four marijuana joints to another person. According to police, they confiscated 15 marijuana joints in the suspect’s possession.

The Petesa man who’s now at the Tafuna Correctional Facility is being held in police custody for 48 hours, while Vice and Narcotics division officers work on the police report to be forwarded to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution.

According to police, the 25 year old man has been under surveillance for a while. When police executed a search warrant on the suspect they allegedly found five marijuana joints inside the pocket of his shirt and 10 marijuana joints inside a clear plastic bag in his possession. The accused admitted the alleged drugs found in his possession are his property; he was arrested from his workplace in Pago Pago.


The government is looking at filing felony charges against 19 year old Nathaniel Sapi Rodriguez. The police claim that Rodriguez is the main suspect in a burglary and stealing case which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Mesepa. Rodriguez is being represented by the Public Defender’s office. Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe told the court she’s waiting for the police report from the investigating officer.

District Court Judge John Ward told Rodriguez that he’s to come before the court again today (Thursday) and if the government is ready with the felony charges, with the approval of the court, he will be served with the new charges. Judge Ward also established bail for Rodriguez at $15,000. Ward told Assistant Public Defender Donna Clement, they will re-visit bail if the government is not ready with the felony charges today. According to police, Rodriguez is alleged to have broken into a home in Mesepa and removed items.