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Court Report


LBJ Hospital’s attorney, Kevin Kornegay pleaded no contest to the charge of driving under the influence in the District Court yesterday. The charge is in connection with an accident in Iliili last month, where the defendant’s vehicle crashed into a utility pole.

Kornegay has been placed on probation for seven months and his driver’s license has been suspended for a period of seven months. A 45-day jail term has been deferred upon completion of his probation term. He was ordered to undergo and complete DUI counseling with Social Services and he’s subject to random testing of alcohol.

The former assistant attorney general was also ordered to pay a fine of $190. Initially Judge Ward ordered him to pay $1,000 but $810 was deferred for good behavior.


Police have arrested a man accused of slapping a seven-year old boy on Monday. Lemisio Skelton, in his 30’s from Leone, is facing charges of public peace disturbance and third degree assault.

He is represented by the Public Defender’s office.

The affidavit says the matter was reported to police by the victim’s teacher who witnessed the incident. The defendant and the victim are neighbors, and it’s alleged when the seven-year old boy was heading to school Monday morning, he came across the defendant’s cell phone lying on a bench outside the defendant’s home.

According to the affidavit the victim took the defendant’s cell phone to school. Police said Skelton — who’s also a father— went to the victim’s school and called the victim out from class and asked him the whereabouts of the cell phone.

It’s alleged when the seven-year old told the defendant he had already given the cell phone to the teacher, the defendant slapped the victim in his mouth and grabbed him on the neck. Skelton was released on his own-recognizance yesterday and was ordered not to contact the victim or his family. He was also ordered not to go onto the school premises.


Former Senator Fiatauiaulava Sauni appeared in the District Court yesterday on charges of driving under the Influence and reckless driving. Sauni, who is denying the charges against him, is scheduled to be in court on February 10, 2012 for a suppression hearing. Mark Ude said his client is wrongfully charged and will have his day in court.


The government’s case against a veteran police officer charged after he allegedly threatened to shoot his wife has been re-scheduled. The officer’s lawyer Fiti Sunia told the court yesterday morning that he had just received the police report from the government and needs time to go through it.

District Court Judge John Ward continued the pre-trial conference on February 7, 2012. The police officer is denying the charge of a private peace disturbance against him.

According to the government's case, the wife claims her husband threatened to shoot her when she inquired about her ATM card. The Judge ordered the officer not to make any contact with his wife.