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Court Report


Chief Justice Michael Kruse who was accompanied by Associate Judge Fa’amausili Pomele has accepted the plea agreement between the government and Pio Fagaautau in connection with a burglary last year in December.

Fagaautau was initially charged with first-degree burglary and felony stealing; however in a plea deal with the government, he pled guilty to attempted burglary, which was amended from first degree burglary, while the government moved to dismiss the remaining charge.

According to the plea agreement that was read in court, Fagaautau admits that he attempted to step into a home in Amaluia with the intention to commit a crime.

The crime of attempted burglary carries a jail term of up to five years and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

Sentencing for Fagaautau has been scheduled for June 22, 2012, and the Chief Justice has ordered a probation report in this matter.

According to the government’s case, the defendant, who was intoxicated at the time, is accused of breaking into a home and allegedly taking off with cash, a cell phone and shoes; however he was caught by a family member and police were contacted.  

The19-year old Fagaautau is represented by Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Cable Poag.


Chief Justice Michael Kruse has rescheduled another probation review hearing for Asolaupama Pa’aga who was convicted of unlawful possession of marijuana last year January 2011.

During Pa’aga’s sentencing in October 2011, Kruse placed Pa’aga on probation for five years and ordered him to pay a $2,000 fine.

When Pa’aga appeared in High Court for his probation review, Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin told the court that Pa’aga has been in compliance with the conditions of his probation. However Kruse pointed out that the defendant has yet to fully pay his fine.

The Chief Justice added the reason the defendant is not in jail is so that he would be able to pay his $2,000 fine.

Kruse scheduled another probation review hearing in the next 30 days on the status of the fine the defendant was ordered to pay. Kruse told the Assistant Public Defender to remind her client about the paying the fine.

A police raid in Pago Pago in early 2011 led to arrest of Pa’aga who was found with several marijuana joints in his possession.


A man who allegedly threatened his daughter at gun point and also with a knife denied the charges against him when he was arraigned in the High Court last Friday.

Samoa News is withholding the name of the defendant, who is a taxi driver, to protect the identity of the victim.

The defendant, who remains in jail with bail of $3,200, is facing unlawful use of a weapon, third degree assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, and public peace disturbance.

According to the government’s case the father was upset at his daughter when someone called the father’s cell phone. According to police the father told police that he was only trying to scare his daughter.

Police have confiscated the rifle and the knife that were allegedly used during the incident. Pre-trial conference is scheduled for May 28, 2012.