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Court Report


Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond has sentenced Jimmy Fidow to seven years in jail, however execution of sentence is suspended and the defendant is placed on a five-year probation under the condition that once the defendant pays off the medical bill for the victim he must depart the territory and must remain outside the territory for his probation period.

The government has yet to submit the medical bill for the victim in this matter.

The defendant was sentenced last Thursday.

Fidow was initially charged with first degree assault, but in the plea deal with the government, he pled guilty to second degree assault.

According to the government’s case the charges stem from a drinking session, which turned violent. The victim suffered a fractured nose, lacerations on his face, and underwent an emergency operation as a result of the incident.

Fidow, who’s in custody with bail of $15,000, is represented by Assistant Public Defender Mike White. Assistant Attorney General Celia Reyna is the prosecutor for this matter.


Chief Justice Michael Kruse has accepted a plea agreement between the government and Michael Leatigaga, charged in connection with stealing more than 200 cases of wahoo from the StarKist Samoa warehouse.

Leatigaga, who was facing stealing and receiving stolen property charges, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property, while the government moved to dismiss the remaining charge, stealing.

In the plea agreement that was read in court, the defendant has agreed to pay restitution for the wahoo cases that were not recovered.

Leatigaga, who remains in custody, will be sentenced together with his co-defendant Joe Leota next week Friday. Leota has already pleaded guilty to the amended charge of burglary second degree and stealing.

According to the government’s case, police were able to recover half of the cases that were removed from the warehouse.

Leatigaga is represented by Assistant Public Defender Michael White while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Cable Poag.


Three men and a juvenile spent the weekend in jail following a fight over the weekend between Atu’u village members and three men from Faleniu, who were intoxicated.

According to police affidavit, a security guard at the StarKist Samoa gates contacted police for assistance after three intoxicated men from Faleniu ran into the StarKist compound, as they were being chased by close to 20 men from Atu’u.

According to the police affidavit, Jeremiah Ta’ala, Sameli Ta’ala and Mathew Meleisea were in a drinking session and when Sameli was making a lot of noise, the fourth defendant, a juvenile from Atu’u, told Sameli to keep the noise down.

Witnesses told police Sameli did not listen to the juvenile, and then a fight ensued.

According to police, a few minutes later close to 20 men from Atu’u came running to where the alleged fight took place and the three men from Faleniu took off running into the StarKist compound.

Witnesses told police the Atu’u men were allegedly armed with rocks and sticks outside the StarKist gate, while the Faleniu men were behind the gate.

Police said when they arrived at the scene, the men from Atu’u took off on foot and officers pursued them; however they only captured the juvenile.

Jeremiah, Sameli, Matthew and the juvenile are facing public peace disturbance charges.

Police said no one suffered any serious injuries from the fight.