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Court Report


Two Tafuna High School students accused of assaulting another student on Monday afternoon made their initial appearance before the District Court yesterday morning. The two juveniles, who are facing assault charges, were in custody of the police.

The student who was allegedly assaulted attends Samoana High School and was in the Nu’uuli area to drop off his laptop when he was assaulted. Police said the two juveniles allegedly punched the victim, which caused him to fall over a wall about 3ft high, and when he got up he ran to a nearby home for help.

The victim was taken to the LBJ hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained from the alleged attack. The victim suffered a minor fracture on his jaw and had bruises and swelling on the left side of his head, causing a concussion.


A woman accused of stealing a businessman’s wallet and released from custody after she entered into a plea agreement with the government appeared before the High Court yesterday morning to answer a bench warrant issued in her name after she failed to appear for her status hearing.

Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond asked Public Defender Ruth Risch Fuatagavi, who represents the defendant if there was a reason why Kilisitina Seigafo did not appear in court last week. Fuatagavi replied no.

Richmond then ordered the defendant remanded to the custody of police. Seigafo was in tears when she was taken into custody.

An agreement between the Attorney General's Office and Seigafo, who is charged with stealing, is that if she makes restitution to the businessman — paying him back the money she stole — the government would not go forward with prosecuting the case.

According to the government’s case Seigafo allegedly took off with the wallet of the man that she met at the hospital, and then later had a few drinks at a restaurant- bar.

It’s alleged that after the ‘few drinks’, Seigafo took off with the man's wallet. She is alleged to have used the man's ATM card (no mention is made of how she knew the man’s ATM code for the card) and withdrew $260.

Seigafo was caught on camera while she was making the transaction at an ATM machine the same day the man lost his wallet.


Leopu Alosio, accused of harassing a female police officer, made his initial appearance before the District Court yesterday morning.

The Harassment charge carries jail time of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe said the alleged harassment was carried out over the phone. According to the government’s case, the female cop had called the defendant regarding a case he was allegedly involved with.

It’s alleged that’s when the defendant started calling the female cop at the police station and he threatened and swore at the cop over the phone. The defendant, who denied the charges against him, is scheduled to appear before the District Court again for his pre-trial hearing. Alosio, who spent Tuesday night in jail, was released from custody today.

Of interest, arrest warrants are usually issued for felony charges; while in misdemeanor cases, the accused receives a summons. However, in this matter, which is a misdemeanor —an arrest warrant was issued.

Assistant Attorney General Phillippe Camille explained it is because the government is continuing to conduct an investigation into this matter to determine if felony charges should be filed.