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Court Report



A 48-year-old Fagaitua High School music teacher from Lauli’i, facing charges on allegations of having a sexual relationship with his female student at school, was arraigned in High Court yesterday. Rose ‘Lose’ Auva’a was released last week on bail of $25,000 on charges of Rape, Sexual Assault, Sodomy, Deviate Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse first degree.


During the arraignment the defendant, through his attorney Fiti Sunia, entered a plea of not guilty and asked the court for a pre-trial conference date.


According to the government’s case, on Apr. 4, 2014, the defendant’s daughter reported a PPD to the Fagaitua SubStation. Samoa News understands the father had allegedly gone after his daughter with a machete. It’s alleged the machete incident occurred when the defendant’s daughter approached her father about the alleged relationship with a student from school.


The daughter told police that she had observed her father using the computer to send Facebook messages late at night. She accessed her father’s Facebook account and found a number of chat messages between the defendant and his 16-year-old student.


The daughter showed police the messages, where it contained sexual content and references to sexual acts which defendant and the female student performed on one another. Police located the student and it is alleged that she confirmed to police that she had a sexual relationship with the defendant.


Pre-trial conference has been scheduled for June 10, 2014.




A man in his 30s accused of abducting a girl and taking her into a nearby bush and raping her will be sentenced today. Viliami Lolohea was charged with five criminal counts, including rape and sexual abuse which are both felonies. However in a plea agreement with the government, Lolohea pleaded guilty to rape, and upon his guilty plea, the government moved to dismiss the remaining four counts.


Lolohea in this matter is represented by Assistant Public Defender Mike White while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Tiffany Oldfield. According to the government’s case, the victim told police she was out walking when the defendant grabbed her and forced her against her will into the bushes, where he raped her.


The victim alleges that she fought back, but was unsuccessful given that the defendant was stronger. The victim further stated the defendant covered her mouth with his hand, preventing her from screaming out for help. According to the government’s case, Social Services was contacted about this matter and they took the girl to the LBJ hospital for a checkup. After her checkup, the victim was then taken to a shelter.


According to the government, the investigating officer, Abraham Kava along with his Commanding Officer, Sergeant Abel Penetusi went back to search for the defendant, and they found him at his residence, where he was apprehended. Court filings say the defendant, who appeared to be intoxicated, declined to make a statement to the police.




Mataimoana Elisara, a farmer, yesterday admitted to the court that he planted eight marijuana plants on his farm. The 53-year-old man’s admission was made during his change of plea hearing in connection with a drug bust earlier this year in Nu’uuli.


Elisara pled guilty to unlawful possession of a controlled substance as charged. During the plea agreement the defendant admitted that he planted eight marijuana plants on his farm.


According to the government’s case, the incident came to light when a police commander found live marijuana plants on Elisara’s  plantation and the commander, who has been with DPS for over 20 years reported the matter to police.


Police officers and detectives with the Vice and Narcotics Division were called to the area where the marijuana was planted and police uncovered two live plants while there were seven spots on the plantation which police suspected were places where marijuana had been recently uprooted.


Court filings say that the defendant admitted to police the marijuana plants found on the plantation were his property. Police found six more live marijuana plants inside the defendant’s shack. Chief Justice Michael Kruse accepted the plea agreement and scheduled sentencing for the defendant on May 30, 2014. This is not the first time Elisara has been convicted of drug charges and served time.