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Court Report


A 69-year old man is facing assault and public peace disturbance charges after he allegedly struck his nephew several times with a shovel.

Levao Puaula of Tafuna was upset that his 16-year old nephew, who had been drinking, was swearing profanely on the front lawn of their home. The defendant, who spent the weekend in jail, made his initial appearance in the District Court yesterday morning.

According to police affidavit, the defendant repeatedly told his nephew to keep the noise down, however the defendant continued to swear.

It’s alleged the defendant then grabbed a shovel and struck his nephew three times, and when that shovel broke in half, the defendant fetched a second shovel and struck his nephew twice. Police said the shovel landed on the nephew’s back and elbows, leaving bruises and lacerations.

When police responded to the call, they arrested the nephew for underage drinking and after further investigation, they came back to arrest the defendant for allegedly assaulting his nephew.

Assistant Attorney General Camille Phillippe told Samoa News that the government is looking into this matter, to determine if felony assault charges should be filed.

District Court Judge John Ward scheduled the case for Wednesday.


Five juveniles accused of breaking into a home in Koko Land three times appeared before the District Court on charges of burglary and stealing.

Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger said three of the five juveniles were 17 when the incident occurred last year June and they are now 18 years of age. Bullinger said the government is looking into this matter, to determine if the 18-year olds should be charged as adults.

The prosecutor said the five young men involved broke into the same home three times— once in May and twice in June last year.

It’s alleged the juveniles removed several electronic items from the home and some  were recovered.  X-BOX video games, remote controls for the video games, a 20-inch TV, video games and cell phones were among the items recovered.

Bullinger said the police were able to track the juveniles on a cell phone they allegedly stole from the home — calls to and from the cell phone enabled the police to find the juveniles.


The preliminary examination hearing for Lomitusi Filiga has been continued to next month.

Filiga is facing weapon charges for unlawful use of a weapon, possession of an unlicensed firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and third-degree assault.

The Preliminary examination hearing to determine whether the government had sufficient evidence to have the case bound over to the high court was supposed to occur yesterday morning before the District Court. Filiga is accused of pointing a handgun at his relative while under the influence of alcohol.

The weapon charges are in addition to the public peace disturbance. Filiga, who’s released on bail of $3,000, has denied the additional weapon charges.

According to the police affidavit, the defendant claims he was just playing around and did not mean to scare anyone with the weapon. The unlicensed firearm was confiscated by police the day the alleged incident occurred.