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Court Report



A 34-year-old man was arrested over the weekend on allegations that he assaulted his father and a bus driver on their way to the hospital. Danny Masaniai Jr is charged with two counts of third degree assault and a public peace disturbance count, with bail set at $500. The defendant made his initial appearance in District Court on Monday.


According to the government’s case, police received a call from the hospital seeking assistance in the Emergency Room.


Upon arrival at the hospital, the nurse pointed out to the officers that an elderly man needed help. Court filings say the defendant was accompanied by his father to the hospital, however when they arrived, the defendant picked up the bench on which his father was sitting and demanded money from his father.


The father, who is in his 60’s’ asked the police to arrest his son, saying he posed a danger to their family and had a bad temper; no one could control him. The father further stated that on their way to the hospital, Masaniai Jr had grabbed the bus driver by his neck for no reason.


The father told police to hold his son in jail, because every time he’s released out on bail, he causes trouble, threatening to kill family members and burn down their house.


The father also said his son had punched him on his left knee.


Samoa News points out that Masaniai Jr has been incarcerated before and that he is mentally challenged. District Court Judge John Ward has told the government that they must make sure that the defendant gets his monthly injection of medication as prescribed by his physician.




Iese Fia and Steve Maseuli were arrested over the weekend on allegations they assaulted a man who’s dating a girl from their family. The pair made their initial appearance in the District Court yesterday and they are charged with third degree assault and public peace disturbance.


Court filings say the incident came to light when an off duty police officer contacted police for assistance because a man was being assaulted by two other men in the area.


The off duty officer told police he was sitting in front of his house when he saw a male (wearing a black shirt) and a female headed toward the female’s house. A few minutes later, the officer saw the first defendant, Maseuli running, and he followed Maseuli to find out that Fia — the second defendant — was holding a rock in an attempt to throw it at the victim.


According to the government’s case, the officer intervened and told Fia to drop the rock, which he did. The victim was found to have an injured left eye and the officer called EMS and then transported the victim to the Tafuna substation to await the arrival of EMS.


Police spoke to the victim, who stated that he was on his way to drop off his girlfriend at her house, then go home, when he was attacked by Fia and Maseuli, who were relatives of his girlfriend. The girl in question is the sister of Fia and the niece of Maseuli.


The police approached the defendants’ home, however neither were present.


Fia’s father complained to police that his daughter was seen with hickies (love bites) on her neck. The victim’s girlfriend told police that her uncle struck her boyfriend (victim) with his shoes and punched the victim, while her brother also punched the victim.


The girl stated she ran to her house, and her mother proceeded to beat her up. She further stated that a few minutes later the victim returned to the house with rocks, which they threw at the victim’s vehicle. Fia ran after the victim with a brick, and that is when the off duty police officer intervened.


The court was informed the government will not be filing any charges against the victim in this matter.




A man from Samoa who was arrested for allegedly smuggling marijuana into the territory as a passenger on the Lady Naomi, and then was allegedly found to have more marijuana in his possession while inside the jail, denied the criminal charges filed in the second case against him when he was arraigned earlier this month.


In the first case against Faletoi Fetuaso Sevi, he faces two counts — unlawful possession of a controlled substance, marijuana, with intent to distribute and unlawful possession of marijuana. This case is pending in High Court, however he has signed an agreement and pled guilty to unlawful possession of controlled substance of marijuana, while the remaining charge will be dismissed at the request of the government.


The new drug case against him came to light when the Corrections officers conducted a surprise raid last month, where they found a bag of chips from Samoa containing marijuana, equivalent to 20 joints, and another medicinal container containing six marijuana joints.


In this new drug case, the government charges him with the same drug charges mentioned in the pending case.


During his arraignment the defendant pled not guilty to the new charges through his attorney, Assistant Public Defender Mike White and asked the court for a pre-trial conference in this case, which has been scheduled for Apr. 17, 2014.