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Court Report



A Pago Pago man who struck his brother on the head with a hammer last year was jailed for six months as part of his three year probation sentence. Dicklan Te’o, who was facing second degree assault and public peace disturbance charges, pled guilty to both charges against him. This matter was initially set for Jury Trial, however Te’o opted to enter a guilty plea. 


Te’o is represented by Assistant Public Defender Karen Shelley while prosecuting for the government is Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe. The defendant apologized to his parents for what occurred between him and his brother. He also sought forgiveness from his brother, who was present in court.


The victim took the stand and pleaded with the court not to impose any jail sentence on his brother, noting he had played a part in it, which led to the incident getting out of hand and the victim also apologized to the defendant for what happened.The victim told the court alcohol was a factor and the devil also played a part in what happened.


The defense attorney and prosecutor both recommended Te'o be placed on probation rather than being incarcerated. The attorneys also agreed the defendant should undergo alcohol counseling.


Chief Justice Michael Kruse said despite recommendations from both sides, and the victim's plea and recommendations by the probation office, the court is puzzled as to how these incidents could occur between brothers, where one struck the other on the head with a hammer.


Kruse pointed out that although the devil was involved, this type of incident should not occur between brothers. He also noted the weapon used was a hammer, which is a dangerous weapon.


He said — from the court’s point of view — in numerous assault cases the devil is always blamed.


Kruse sentenced the defendant to three years in jail, however in execution of the sentence, the defendant was placed on three-year-probation under the conditions he pay a fine of $1,000 and serve six months in jail. As the defendant works at the Department of Commerce, he will be allowed to go on work release from 6a.m.-6p.m.


Te’o was also ordered to undergo anger management counseling and must remain a law abiding citizen.


The government’s case reported the police received a call from the defendant’s wife who said her husband and his brother were arguing. Court filings say at the scene, the police spoke to the victim’s daughter and victim, who both confirmed it was the defendant who struck him on the head. The police later spoke with the defendant who admitted to “doing the deed”.


The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment where the doctor's report indicated that X-Rays were conducted and the victim had sustained a fractured occipital bone as a result of the incident.




One of the two players with the Fagatogo Rugby club has entered a guilty plea in connection with an assault incident that occurred during an Oct. 26 match for the Mosooi Festival Rugby Sevens tournament. Talofa Faimoa was charged together with Fatutoa Levi, and Faimoa was the one who entered a guilty plea. Levi’s case is pending in the High Court.


The assault had resulted in another rugby player being admitted to the surgical ward of the LBJ Medical center. Rugby players Talofa Faimoa and Fatutoa Levi have each been charged with second-degree assault, a felony punishable by up to five years in jail, a fine of $5,000 or both. 


Each defendant is also charged with misdemeanor public peace disturbance, according to court documents, adding that bail for each defendant is set at $5,000. During the change of plea hearing for Faimoa last week Friday, he pled guilty to second degree assault.


According to the government’s case, police were contacted on Oct. 30 by LBJ personnel saying a victim was at the surgical ward due to injuries sustained as the result of an assault. Police spoke to the the victim — who is with the Mapusaga Fou rugby team — and the victim alleged he was assaulted by two unknown rugby players from the Fagatogo team during a match between the teams at Veterans Memorial Stadium. The victim said he was punched in the facial area by two rugby players and the last punch landed on the right side of his jaw, knocking him “unconscious” which caused him to fall to the ground.


During the course of the investigation, police retrieved a video recording and still photos where police were able to identify the defendants by the numbers on their rugby jerseys.


Police learned Levi was the one who had thrown the first punch that struck the victim, and Faimoa was seen punching the victim in the jaw, which caused the victim to fall to the ground. 


The victim suffered swelling on the lower right side of his face and jaw and it was later diagnosed that he suffered a fracture to the right side of his face which required surgery as a result of the injuries. 




 Faamoe Sioka has been charged in connection with the break-in of an aiga bus on New Year’s Eve. Sioka is facing a charge of receiving stolen property, a felony, which carries a jail term of up to seven years, a fine of up to $5,000 or both, and underage drinking which is a misdemeanor that’s punishable by up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $500 or both. Falani Lasalo, who is the co-defendant in this case, has his case pending in the High Court.


According to the government’s case, on New Year’s Eve 2013, it was reported to police that an aiga bus had been burglarized and police responded to the call in Mapusaga Fou.


The owner of the bus told police he was informed two men had broken into his bus and removed items.


Police proceeded to look for the two men, Falani Lasalo and Faamoe Sioka who are both under the age of 21. Court filings say Lasalo and Sioka both admitted they had consumed alcohol when the incident occurred. Lasalo told police that Sioka was the “lookout” guy while he (Lasalao) went into the aiga bus and removed the audio system, which consisted of an audio amplifier, a Kenwood audio equalizer and two audio speakers from the bus. Court filings say the value of the stolen items was between $900-$1000.