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Court Report


The Department of Public Safety has placed a woman in her late 30’s at the Tafuna Correctional Facility after she allegedly struck her husband in the head with a hammer. The woman is scheduled to appear before the District Court this morning.

According to police, while the woman was getting her son ready for school she asked her husband to fetch the son’s school bag. It’s alleged the man swore profanity at the son.

Police said this made the woman upset, and she then grabbed a hammer and struck the man on his head. It’s alleged that after the woman hit her husband, she started vandalizing items in the house. The man, who suffered a lump as a result of the alleged attack, contacted police for assistance. The couple has four children.


The government has filed additional charges against a man in connection with a domestic violence case.

The man is now facing domestic violence charges of rape, attempted kidnapping, sexual abuse in the first degree and false imprisonment.

Court filings state police received a report about a domestic dispute not far from the Central Police Station in Fagatogo, where it is alleged police officers viewed the complaining witness who was in tears and was halfway inside a vehicle while the defendant was pushing her into the vehicle.

According to the government’s case, the first incident occurred February 10, 2012 where the defendant confronted his wife at her work place over an affair and asked her to go home with him. The wife who refused ran to the security office of her work place and contacted police. The woman was then taken to a shelter, and after three days she went to live with her aunt in Fagatogo.

The court document says the defendant visited his wife and forced his wife to have sex with him. It’s alleged the wife was scared and did not object to her husband.

According to court filings the woman was scared and agreed to go home with her husband to talk about their relationship. It’s alleged the defendant saw his friend and asked for a ride. The wife started screaming for help but the defendant placed his hand over her mouth and forcibly placed her in the vehicle.

The defendant is represented by the Assistant Public Defender Donna Clement while prosecuting for the government is Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe. Preliminary examination for the defendant who’s being held on bail of $35,000 is next week Thursday.

Samoa News is withholding the name of the defendant to protect the identity of the complaining witness in this matter.


 The government’s case against Vili Oney has been rescheduled to March 22, 2012. Sharron Rancourt, who’s the new attorney for the defendant requested additional time because she has yet to receive discovery documents from police.

Associate Justice Lyle Richmond granted the request for a continuance. Oney was arrested following a raid of the defendant’s home last month. Oney is facing a single count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance of marijuana, a felony that is punishable from five to ten years in jail and or a fine of up to $5,000.

 Court affidavit says that Vice and Narcotics executed a search warrant on the defendant’s bedroom where they found what appeared to be loose marijuana substance, and marijuana residue was found in an empty shoe box.

Police also confiscated numerous rolling papers commonly used to roll marijuana joints, a large amount of cash stored inside a white sock, and a grinder with marijuana residue that appeared to have been used to grind marijuana substance, says the affidavit.

The substance found in the defendant’s room was tested using the Dusquenoise-Levine Test and came out positive for tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana.

Court filing says that when police questioned the defendant he immediately admitted the marijuana found in his room belongs to him.