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Court Report



A man who was sentenced to jail for 28 months in a sex case back in October has received an additional 20 months in a separate assault case.  The assault case, which was before the court yesterday had Chief Justice Michael Kruse hand down a five year sentence, suspended, while the defendant was placed on probation for a period of five years on the condition that he serve 20 months in jail.


During sentencing Tapeni Pio apologized for his actions and asked the court for a second chance.  Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe told the court that the victim in this case does not want any direct or indirect contact with the defendant.  Kruse during sentencing for the assault case ordered that Pio pay $125 restitution and noted the sentence will run consecutively with the previous sentence.


According to the government’s case, the assault charge was the result of an incident wherein the defendant had punched the victim using a rock. In the sex case, Pio was sentenced to 28 months in jail as part of his seven-year probation.




A convicted murderer who allegedly escaped from the Tafuna Correctional Facility to engage in sexual intercourse with a married woman had his preliminary examination before District Court Judge John Ward.


Maeli Isumu Pitoitua has been charged with one count of escaping from confinement.  The complaint filed against Isumu followed after the woman’s husband contacted police saying that an inmate had been seen at his residence in the early morning hours of June, 2013.


According to the government’s case, on June 28, 2013 until the early hours of June 29, 2013 the defendant escaped from TCF and went to the woman’s house in Nu’uuli. Court filings say that Isumu arrived at approximately 7p.m. and left around 3a.m. It’s alleged Isumu would call the woman as soon as he made it back to the TCF.


The government’s case further states the defendant is currently incarcerated after being found guilty of Murder in the First Degree and First Degree Assault, in January 2006.




A man accused of striking his father with a machete was in court for a pre-trial conference, however Assistant Public Defender Mike White informed the court that he’s awaiting the mental evaluation that was conducted on the defendant a while back, however the psychiatrist has yet to complete the report.


This report will determine if Mark Mulipola is competent to stand trial.


Mulipola was charged with first degree assault and remains in custody on bail of $20,000. Court filings say that the defendant is mentally challenged.


According to the government’s case the father asked the defendant to fetch herbs for medicine and he refused, so the father instructed his other children to get the medicine.


It's alleged after the father massaged his patient (fofo Samoa) and the patient left, the defendant fetched a machete and struck his father on the head, back and his left arm, which the father put up to protect his face. The father was admitted to the LBJ surgical ward, following an emergency operation conducted due to the severity of his injuries.