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Court Report



Fred Maloata and Vesi Simi have been arrested and charged on allegations they vandalized road equipment belonging to McConnell Dowell, which had been parked overnight in Leone. Each defendant is facing one count of property damage, a class D felony that carries a jail term of up to five years, a fine of up to $5,000 or both. Simi and Maloata are held on bail of $10,000 each.


Detective Alisha Nellie Godinet was assigned to investigate, and according to the government’s case it was October 27, 2013 when it was reported to police by McConnell Dowell that three of their excavator machines, which were parked in Leone, had been vandalized.


Court filings say that the wires for the machines had been cut, windows had been shattered, the window wipers broken, and it appears there was an attempt to take the batteries out of the machines. Court filings also say a license plate for one of the machines had been bent and all engine covers were opened from the side. 


According to the government’s case, police interviewed the security at the store across the place where the machines had been parked, who said he saw Simi and Maloata at the bus stop near the area and he only learned that the machines were damaged the next day.


Another witness informed police he saw the defendants near the place where the machines were while the engine covers were open and when he heard noise coming from the machines he left.


Police questioned the pair who admitted that they had vandalized the machines. Court filings say that total amount of damage was $3,420. The pair was represented by the Public Defenders Office, while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Tiffany Oldfield.




The 23-year-old man who stole a case of bowl saimin from a store has been placed on 12 months probation under certain conditions as part of his sentencing. Levi Finauvale pled guilty to misdemeanor stealing. During sentencing the defendant apologized in District Court for his action noting that he’s fully remorseful for what he did and asked the court for a second chance. Finauvale further told the court that he was overly intoxicated when the incident occurred, however he will not repeat such behavior.


According to the government’s case, Finauvale went with his friends to purchase a case of beer, and while the Chinese woman was packing the beer, the defendant grabbed the case of bowl saimin and walked out of the store, placing it in the back of a truck. The incident was caught on video surveillance and it was reported to police the very next day. Finauvale was ordered to pay a fine of $100 and pay restitution on the case of saimin he took from the store.




A convicted murderer who allegedly escaped from the Tafuna Correctional Facility to engage in sexual intercourse with a married woman has informed the court that he wants to hold a preliminary examination in the government’s case filed against him.


A PX hearing is held for the court to determine whether the government has sufficient evidence to have the matter bound over to the High Court. The complaint was filed against Maeli Isumu Pitoitua after the woman’s husband contacted police saying that an inmate had been seen at his residence in the early morning hours of June, 2013.


Assistant Public Defender Matthew Trick represents Isumu, who is facing one count of escaping from confinement, while prosecuting this case is Assistant Attorney General Tiffany Oldfield.


According to the government’s case, on July 15, 2013 the husband of the woman, who is allegedly having an affair with Isumu, filed a complaint with the Department of Public Safety that Isumu was seen at his house.  


Court filings say that on July 17, 2013 police spoke to the woman, who said she had ended her relationship with her husband to be with Isumu. “The relationship with the defendant began over the phone when the defendant called the woman’s phone on June 2, 2013 by accident."


Isumu is currently serving time for his 1999 conviction of shooting a taxi driver when he was a passenger in the taxi. The taxi driver, who was shot in the head, miraculously survived the incident. Isumu has a second conviction in place and was to begin serving two life sentences after he completed serving his jail time for his first case.


The second case took place in jail, wherein he assaulted two inmates with a machete, killing one inmate while the other suffered severe injuries. He was convicted for this incident in 2006 and is not eligible for parole until he has served 40 years of this sentence.