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Court Report



A woman accused of striking her husband and his mistress with a PVC pipe after they were found sleeping naked in their home, made her initial appearance in the District Court earlier this week. Samoa News is withholding the name of the woman and her husband along with the mistress to protect the identity of the couple’s minor children.


The trio – who were all arrested and spent the weekend in jail – are each charged with public peace disturbance; however the government anticipates filing additional charges against both the defendant, who allegedly used the pipe, and the husband who allegedly assaulted the wife.


According to the government’s case, neighbors, who heard the altercation contacted police. It’s alleged the couple’s nine-year-old daughter was getting ready for church and when she entered her parent’s bedroom, found her father sleeping with a naked girl. The government claims the daughter told her mother, who was sleeping at her mom’s house.


The woman then fetched a pvc pipe and went into her bedroom where she struck her husband and the girl he was sleeping with on the bed. It’s alleged the husband jumped in front of his girlfriend to shield her when his wife was striking her with the pipe, which landed on his head.


The government claims the husband then beat his wife.


The couple has been remanded into the custody of police pending the filing of additional charges set for later this week.



A woman who was charged and arrested on allegations she assaulted her four-year-old daughter for being naughty has been placed on probation for two years. Samoa News is withholding the name of the woman to protect the identity of the minor victim.


The mother was initially charged with second degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child; however, in a plea agreement with the government, the defendant pled guilty to third degree assault — a misdemeanor — and the remaining charge was dismissed.


During sentencing, the woman was in tears as she pleaded for a second chance, noting she’s remorseful for her actions and she needs to be with her children and husband.


“My time behind bars has taught me a valuable lesson,” she said. She apologized to both her husband and her daughter for what happened. Assistant Public Defender Mike White asked the court to place the defendant on probation.


The husband took the stand and told the court that the charges against his wife and her subsequent arrest has changed their mentality in the raising of their children. He pleaded with the court to give his wife a second chance so she can be with their family.


The prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Tony Graf told the court that although the young girl was brutally assaulted, the government does not object to the defense’s request to place the mother on probation. The prosecutor did ask the court to order anger management counseling for the defendant.


The incident was reported on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 by the girl’s grandmother who said that as a result of the beating, the little girl ran away from home and walked to the Leone gas station where the employees there contacted her.


When questioned by police, the mother told police she beat her daughter because she bit deodorant, played with lotion that got all over important documents and papers, and spilled gripe water.


The mother admitted to police she slapped her daughter and used a slipper to hit her body.


Doctors at the LBJ Hospital told police the victim suffered bruises on her face, back, knees, arms and she also had an abrasion on her bottom lip.