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Court Report



Jensen Save and Benjamin Auvea are each being held on bail of $15,000 on allegations of stealing and forgery. The pair will be arraigned in High Court today, and are each facing four counts of stealing and four counts of forgery, which are all class C felonies punishable up to seven years in jail, a fine up to $5,000, a fine twice the amount gained from commission of up to $20,000 for each count.


According to the government’s case, a woman reported to police that her checkbook was missing from her home in December 2012. However she was surprised that her Bank of Hawaii account was overdrawn when she attempted to withdraw funds.


On January 11, 2013 the victim was contacted by an Asian man, who owns a store in Kokoland, and who later showed the victim her checks, which were not in her handwriting and did not have her signature. The storeowner informed the victim that in December and January the defendants came into his store and both gave him the checks.


Court filings say, both defendants told the storeowner that they worked for the victim. It’s alleged there were four checks: three of the checks were issued in the name of “Save”, with differing amounts of over $200, while a fourth check was issued to “Auvea” for over $100. Three of the checks were written during the latter part of December 2012, and a fourth check was written on Jan. 01, 2013.


The government claims, police questioned Auvea who said, they both had the checkbook belonging to the victim and together they signed the checks and used it to buy beer and food at least on three occasions. Save told police the signatures on the checks were his.




Pedro Luteru was sentenced to time served following his guilty plea to five of the six charges. He was initially facing charges of two counts of third degree assault, public peace disturbance and three charges of property damage. In the plea agreement, the defendant entered a guilty plea to PPD and Misdemeanor Assault charges, while the felony count was dismissed.


The defendant during the sentencing apologized for his actions and noted that he’s remorseful and will not repeat this behavior. Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond sentenced Luteru to two years probation. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $500 and restitution of $1,344.66 for the police vehicle that was damaged as a result of Luteru’s actions.


According to the government’s case on January 19, 2013 a woman reported to police that the defendant was threatening to slash her children with a machete because they had allegedly stolen his puppies. It’s alleged a few minutes later, police received another call saying the defendant had slashed some of the banana trees growing in her front yard. Police responded to the call and the defendant took off on foot after hitting the police vehicle with his machete.


Court filings say the defendant caused damage to the police vehicle and shattered one of the windows. The estimated damaged to the vehicle is over $1,000. It's alleged when the glass of the police vehicle shattered it injured one of the police officers.


Court filings say, shortly thereafter, police received another call that the defendant was on a road leading to a residence and he had cut down two of the village aumaga’s curfew bells and then he was detained by the village police, the aumaga.


Court filings say the defendant was under the influence of alcohol when he was taken into police custody.




A Vaitogi woman who owns a dog that allegedly attacked a seven-year-old girl back in June 2012 was sentenced to pay a fine of $100 as a condition of her six months probation, and was also ordered to pay restitution of $125 for the victim’s medical bill. 


Matagi Savai’i was initially charged with possession of a vicious animal, a felony, however in a plea agreement with the government, she pleaded guilty to the amended misdemeanor of the same count which the court accepted.


According to the government’s case, police received a call from the victim’s mother that her daughter was allegedly attacked by a dog named “Bruno” owned by Savai’i.


Police visited the defendant and informed her that Bruno had attacked a seven-year-old girl, who is her neighbor. The government claims police arrived and observed the victim, who was injured and contacted Emergency Medical Services for assistance.


According to the government’s case, the police then informed the defendant that there are substantial steps that will be taken concerning her dog, to which Savai’i agreed to cooperate.


The government claims police also approached the Agriculture Department regarding the dog the same day of the incident and the dog was captured and ‘put down’ in the presence of police officers, according to the police report.