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Court Report



The government’s case against Feta’I Auleafe, who is facing unlawful possession of a controlled substance, last Friday entered a guilty plea to an amended lesser charge. The plea agreement hearing was held before Chief Justice Michael Kruse.


The initial count the defendant was facing is a mandatory jail term of not less than five years, a fine of not less than $5,000 up to $20,000, or both fine and jail term. However the charge the defendant pled guilty to is punishable up to five years in jail.


The plea agreement was accepted by the Chief Justice and scheduled sentencing for June 7, 2013. According to the government’s case a confidential informant notified police that a group of individuals was hanging out at an abandoned house in Tafuna and females were present in this group. 


Police arrived at the scene to find four men and two female juveniles. The government alleges that police looked for the female juveniles and found then hiding in a vehicle. One told police she was 18 while the other said she was 19 years of age.


Police at the scene found drugs.


Court filings state that one of the juveniles told police that Romeo Peretania was providing methamphetamine for her and they have smoked ice more than ten times. Police investigation uncovered the fact that the juveniles are both on probation.


The government claims the investigation also revealed that the defendant is engaged in an affair with one of the juveniles while the other juvenile is having an affair with Peretania. Court filings state that the juveniles have been confirmed to be 16 and 17 years old. Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin represents the defendant.




Ueti Schwenke was arraigned in the High Court on second-degree assault, following a land dispute in Nu’uuli back in February over Fanene family land. According to the government’s case, police received a call about a fight between two families at the Fanene family land in Nu’uuli.


Police responded to the call and upon arriving at the scene they saw several people were injured and they contacted the Emergency Medical Services for assistance. Court filings say, the police investigation uncovered that the dispute started over a load of dirt which several people argued as to where the dirt would be unloaded.


During the arraignment the defendant denied the assault count and schedule the pre-trial conference in this case on May 20, 2013.




Ioane Logovi’i facing first-degree assault and public peace disturbance was in court last Friday for a change of plea hearing. According to the plea agreement announced in court, the defendant was to enter a guilty plea to third degree assault, which was amended from assault first degree.


The plea further stated that the defendant was to enter a guilty plea to the PPD charge. However, when Chief Justice Michael Kruse was asking the defendant questions, the defendant did not immediately respond and Kruse then moved to reschedule the case for today, Monday.


Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin represents the defendant, who’s held on bail of $10,000, while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Julie Pasquale.


According to the government’s case, police received a report by a complaining witness that the defendant stabbed him in the hand. The victim told police he was sitting with his friends in front of a store in Fagatogo, when the suspect confronted him and accused him of stealing items from his house and stabbed him in his hand and also attempted to stab him in his leg but missed.


According to the government’s case, Emergency Medical Services treated the injuries the victim sustained from the alleged attack, and it’s alleged the injuries were not serious.


Police confiscated the knife from the defendant’s residence, and it has been turned into the police evidence room.