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Court Report


A 48-year old man, whose residence the Vice and Narcotics Division raided last Thursday will make his initial appearance before the District Court this morning.

Fa’afeai Fa’afeai who has been in police custody since last week is held on bail of $50,000. He’s facing charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession with intent to distribute, which are both felonies.

Police executed a search warrant on the suspect’s residence in Nu’uuli, last Thursday and came across four marijuana plants growing inside a plastic bowl and ten marijuana plants, surrounding the home. Police also confiscated two glass pipes, six marijuana joints and loose dried marijuana leaves.


A man who struck another man with a beer bottle in Rubbles last year, pleaded with the court not to send him to the Tafuna Correctional Facility as it is not an good place for him.

Lilomaiava Sa’olotoga who appeared before Chief Justice Michael Kruse for sentencing told the court that he’s remorseful of his actions and said his time spent in jail has taught him a lesson.

Sa’olotoga was initially facing charges of first degree assault and public peace disturbance, and on Friday he pled guilty to the amended charge of third degree assault while the government moved to dismiss the public peace disturbance charge.

Public Defender Ruth Risch asked the court for a probated sentence noting that the defendant is a father of three and has been employed for over ten years since he moved to the territory. Assistant Attorney General Cecilia Reyna told the court to consider the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim in this matter.

The prosecutor noted the victim suffered lacerations on his facial area, which required 30 stitches. Rayna told the court to sentence the defendant to what the court sees as appropriate for the injuries sustained by the victim in this incident.

Kruse continued the matter and ordered a probation report from the probation office. He noted he was under the impression that it was not a serious matter.

Sentencing for Sa’olotoga has been scheduled for March 16, 2012.

Court affidavit says that the now closed Rubbles Tavern in Nu’uuli was where the defendant allegedly assaulted another man. The assault occurred after the defendant found out the victim had allegedly taken some of the beer that was on the defendant’s table.


The government’s case against the two men accused of assaulting a 58-year old bus driver has been continued to this Thursday. Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe told the court the government is not ready with the additional charges because they are still waiting for the police report.

In the meantime, Leo Fa’afua and Kalolo Jr Semaia have both been charged with third degree assault, Public Peace Disturbance. Fa’afua has an additional charge of property damage against him.

The bus driver, who suffered a severe cut on his face which required eight stitches, also lost a tooth as a result of the alleged attack. According to police affidavit, the incident occurred when Fa’afua had a disagreement with the bus driver early in the morning, and later that day returned with Semaia to allegedly assault the bus driver.