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Court Report


The District Court was packed on Monday morning with a total of 29 people arrested, including five juveniles. Eleven had been arrested for public peace disturbances, four charged with felony cases and 10 arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Among those arrested was a 16-year-old who allegedly entered a home without permission.

According to the government’s case, the complaining witness said she heard noises in the kitchen area and when she entered the kitchen she saw the juvenile standing there with a machete, who then asked her for $20.

It’s alleged the victim, who was scared, was trying to remain calm as she asked the defendant to give her the machete. The government’s case claims, when the victim tried to remove the machete from the defendant, he attempted to kiss her. The victim refused to kiss the defendant, who then left the house.

The victim immediately contacted police when the juvenile left. It’s alleged the police arrested the defendant while he was attending church last Saturday morning. The juvenile is charged with private peace disturbance however Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger says the government may file additional charges.

This juvenile has been incarcerated over the weekend and will not be released, given that he is on probation for a previous criminal matter.

Another two juveniles were caught intoxicated while on school premises at Fagaitua High School last Thursday and also made their initial appearance Monday morning. According to the government’s case, the juveniles, who were overly intoxicated, were making unreasonable noises inside the gymnasium and that’s when school officials contacted police for assistance.

The two high school students were released to the custody of their parents.

Those arrested for Public Peace Disturbance were Timothy Noa, Esau Sami, Afereti Vaima’a, Vitale Vaima’a, Sam Mikaio, Keneti Sinoti, Semi Leau, Togilau Galea’I, Tumama Jr Auva’a and Marka Penelosa.

Those arrested for DUI were Louie Segi, Eti Maligi, Derek Isaako, Anelone Fuga, Kamilo Sio, Jo Namarodo, Iosua Lam Sam, Gene Kama and Sinapati Tu’ufaanatu.

Only five were able to post bond and were released.


The Attorney General’s office has charged another man in connection with the murder of Sio Faumui back in 2011 in Malaeimi.

Fa’afetai Siaulaiga would be the fourth defendant charged in this case. Other co-defendants are Ne’emia Poamo, Sefo Siaulaiga and Migo Misa whose cases are pending before the High Court for sentencing.

Fa’afetai is charged with criminally negligent homicide, a class D felony punishable with up to five years in jail, a fine of up to $5,000 or both. Fa’afetai made his initial appearance in District Court on Monday and is being held on bail of $25,000.

According to the government’s case, new information received by the Attorney General’s office has it that Fa’afetai was also seen on the day Sio was brutally beaten to death.

Court filings state that on July 30, 2012 Det. John Seumanutafa was assigned to investigate the involvement of Fa’afetai. The investigating officer was provided with written statements from two witnesses who both told the Public Defender's office where they had seen Fa’afetai.

The government claims the two witnesses told police that on June 4, 2011 they were in Malaeimi across the street from where the incident occurred when they both saw the defendant running towards them while wearing a shirt covered with blood and his hands also had blood on them.

Another defendant in this matter, Poamo told police that they had both punched Sio Faumui repeatedly while Fa’afetai and Sefo were the ones who struck the deceased with a rock and a beer bottle.


A man is held on bail of $200 on allegations that he assaulted his girlfriend for several hours. Timothy Noa is charged with public peace disturbance and third degree assault.

According to the government’s case, on December 23, 2012 police received a call from a woman that she was allegedly assaulted from the morning until 9 p.m. Court filings state the victim told police that Noa had threatened to kill her if he was arrested.

It's alleged the victim told police the suspect was making unreasonable noises and was yelling profanities on the road and in front of their neighbors house. The victim requested that police officers take her to the hospital, because the defendant struck her several times on the facial area.

Court filings indicate the defendant was not intoxicated at the time of the incident. Police also noted in the court filings the defendant was acting disorderly while he was being interviewed and hitting his head on the wall repeatedly and saying he wanted to kill himself.