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Court Report


The Department of Public Safety was somewhat busy on the first three days of their annual Holiday enforcement which kicked off over the weekend. The police had a roadblock in front of the Laufou Shopping Center on Friday night, while many police officers were roaming the main highway tracking down drunk drivers.

Samoa News understands that eleven arrests were made for public peace disturbance, while five were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

There are also three new felony cases which are separate sex offense cases.

As of yesterday afternoon there were 19 men incarcerated, who are scheduled to appear today in District Court. Police said there were no major traffic accidents over the weekend.

In the meantime, Captain John Cendrowski is urging members of the public not to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

 “As I said earlier, we have zero tolerance for drunk drivers, because when you operate a vehicle while intoxicated you place everyone on the main highway at risk. Please, the plea from the police is very simple, don’t drink and drive… don’t take the risk of driving drunk, because you will get caught and you will be arrested, but the worst is getting into an accident and a fatality may occur.

“All these can be avoided… Just by not driving drunk. Call a cab and be safe,” he said.

Cpt. Cendrowski added that they are not only after drunk drivers, but also underage drinkers, speeding violators, those who are running stop signs and any traffic violator.

“Beware, because we are out there…just don’t violate any laws, then you are good to go,” he said.


Katerina Siliga, a former Insurance Agent with South Seas Insurance, who’s been charged in connection with three separate embezzlement cases is scheduled to come before the court later this week for her change of plea in all three criminal cases.

The plea agreements in the three separate cases have all been filed with the court and her plea agreement hearing will be held before Chief Justice Michael Kruse.

The first case filed against Siliga accuses her of misappropriating money for the life insurance policy of a couple who reside in Savai’i. The defendant faces two counts of embezzlement in this case.

The second embezzlement case accuses her of taking money from two women who gave the defendant a total amount of $900 so she could buy K-fares from Hawaiian Airlines for the two victims.

The government alleges that there were no K-fares, and the defendant used part of the money for her personal use. She returned $700 reimbursement to one woman, $50 to the other woman, but still owes the amount of $200. 

The last case filed against Siliga is in connection with the defendant being accused of misappropriating a man’s life insurance premiums, which were made to her. However, when the father died, the victim contacted the Insurance company, who said there was no life insurance policy under the victim’s name for his father.  

Details of the plea agreement between the government and the defendant will not be known until the agreement is read in open court. Siliga is represented by Assistant Public Defender Mike White while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.