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Court Report


Police arrested a family of four from Pava’aia’i over a land dispute in Faleniu during the weekend. Lufilufi Peneueta and her husband Perekina Peneueta, her son Jeffrey Fuamatu and her brother Mikaele Tauasosi are all charged with public peace disturbance and third degree assault. However the government is looking into the matter to determine if additional charges should be filed against the defendants.

It’s alleged all four defendants went to the victim’s house in Faleniu with a notice to evict the family while the victim and her family were having a yard sale on their front lawn.

Court filings state that Lufilufi, who was accompanied by her brother Mikaele, went straight to the victim’s mother — approaching in a threatening manner.

It’s alleged Mikaele had in his possession a bolt cutter and tried to enter their house and the victim and her mother prevented them from entering their home.

Police were contacted for assistance and upon arriving at the scene, the police questioned  the victim who claims she was assaulted by Lufilufi and her brother Mikaele. Court filings state that the victim informed the police, the defendant and her brother attempted to enter their home, and Lufilufi grabbed her from the back of her neck and pushed her away from the door.

Court filings state that Jeffrey used pepper spray and sprayed people who were shopping at the yard sale in front of the house. Court filings state that Lufilufi’s husband Perekina who uses a walking cane, allegedly waved his cane at the victim in a threatening manner.

The officer in this case said the notice which they presented to the victim’s family for eviction was seized as evidence. All four defendants had their initial appearances before District Court Judge John Ward.


Police arrested and charged a man for allegedly slapping an 11-year old boy. Timote Afemui is charged with public peace disturbance, third degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child, which are all misdemeanors. According to the government’s case, police were contacted after the victim’s parents found the 11-year old boy in his room crying.

The boy told police he was returning home when Afemui’s daughter called him to come over. Court filings state that it appears the defendant’s daughter is dating the 11-year old victim.

It’s alleged the defendant was drinking kava with other Tongan men when he heard one of his daughter’s calling out to him. The victim said he then walked away with his cousins, however they heard that the defendant was spanking his daughter.

It’s alleged the defendant then called out the victim’s name and upon seeing the victim, the defendant slapped the victim on the face and told him “do not do it again, I will come and kill you” say court filings.

Police went to the defendant’s home however he was not there. They were given a number to reach the defendant, who was then contacted to come to the police station.

The defendant went to the police station where he was booked and arrested. The government is looking into this matter to determine whether additional charges should be filed.


The government has filed a felony count against the mother accused of assaulting her four-year old daughter. In addition to the public peace disturbance and third degree assault the mother is now facing second degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Her bail, which was $250, has increased to $5,000.

Samoa News opted not to name the defendant to protect the identity of the victim in this matter.

According to the government’s case, a grandmother with her four-year old granddaughter walked into the police station reporting that her daughter had beaten her granddaughter. The victim had bruises and marks all over her body as if she had been beaten.

Police officers approached the child’s mother and she was transported to the police station for more questioning.

Court filings stated the mother admitted that she slapped her daughter and used a slipper to hit her on the body.

The defendant is represented by Assistant Public Defender Karen Shelley and prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.