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Court Report


Department of Public Safety’s Vice and Narcotics Division executed a search warrant on a family home in Fagaima yesterday morning.

During the search of the suspect’s room, police found marijuana leaves (worth three marijuana joints) and drug paraphernalia, including small empty baggies, an electric grinder used to grind marijuana leaves. Close to $1,000 with different denominations was also found.

According to police, the suspect was arrested over the weekend on a DUI charge and was released this morning from the District Court on traffic citations.

However as soon as the suspect was released, while removing his orange jumpsuit outside the court room, Vice and Narcotics Officers took the suspect to the police station for questioning.


A 38-year old drug defendant has entered into a plea agreement with the government. Kosema Leafi pleaded guilty to possession of a marijuana joint, and the plea was accepted by Chief Justice Michael Kruse.

Police reports state the defendant was found with the marijuana joint in Utulei on December 21, 2011.

Kruse scheduled sentencing for the defendant for March 23, 2012.

Leafi’s counsel, Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin then requested to the Chief Justice that her client be released on his own recognizance while awaiting sentencing, scheduled to occur in two months. The defendant has been in custody since December last year.

Kruse ordered that the defendant be released from jail if he pays $500 (or 10%) of his total $5,000 bond. Another condition handed down was for the defendant’s sponsor or a responsible US National to write a letter indicating to the court the defendant will appear at all his court hearings. The defendant’s passport must also be turned into the AG's Office and the defendant must also undergo drug testing.


Two high school students spent the weekend at the Juvenile Detention Center after they were caught breaking into a home in Futiga in broad daylight on Friday.

The 14-year old male students made an appearance before the District Court yesterday morning, facing burglary and stealing charges. Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger said the high school students were caught breaking into the house by the owner of the home and police were contacted.

Only one of the juveniles was apprehended by the owner of the home while the other juvenile took off on foot. Bullinger said the parents of the juvenile that ran away brought their son to the police station.

The pair were released to their parents’ custody yesterday morning, where they were ordered to attend school, be law abiding citizens and placed on a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.