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Samoa News coverage of the Nu’uuli Vocation Technical High School Class of 2012 graduation contained some errors, for which we apologize. Listed here are the corrections.


AWARD PRESENTED                                                                CORRECT RECIPIENT

Tradesman of the Year Award:                                             Mote Si'ufanua

Alexander Wilhelm Banse Automotive Award:                   Sandra Purcell

Ta'ita'itama Youth in Action Leadership Council Award:  Fa'aletonu Letalu

Also, in our coverage of the NVTHS Candidate Forum, May 23, 2012, Samoa News mistakenly identified Penina Suka as the NVTHS Student Body President, she is the National Technical Honor Society President, while Aloese Su'a is the National Technical Honor Society Vice President, not Student Body Vice President.

We apologize to NVTHS and our readers for our errors in coverage.