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Coroner to investigate death of Kiwi in Samoa prison

The death of an Auckland man found dead in a prison cell in Samoa is being investigated by the New Zealand coroner.Samoan police have confirmed to ONE News that Hans Dalton, 38, was found dead, upside down in a bucket of water, in a Samoan prison on Boxing Day.The Samoa Observer said Dalton had been visiting Samoa last month when Cyclone Evan struck the country.His mother, Christine Bowker Wilson, told the Observer that her son needed daily medication but when the cyclone hit he was left with no power or water.He ended up missing two daily doses and was taken to the mental health unit at the National Hospital in Apia.Bowker Wilson said he was given an injection that made him agitated and very angry.\They stressed that Hans had not done anything criminally wrong - he was just sick.\Police took him to the Tafa'igata Prison, Samoa's main prison.He punched doors and so the mental health staff sent him to the Apia Police Station.\My daughter said the staff at the hospital told the police