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Only you Coolios and Samoa News subscribers are part of the first publication of these exclusive eyewitness Manti Teo / Ronaiah Tuiasosopo images. The Samoa News is not passing judgment on what happened.Now that you have seen their meeting, we invite you to be Dr. Phil. We want you to email the Samoa News at and express your feelings, gut reaction, opinions of what you see in these images and what you heard on Dr. Phil and previously on the Katie Couric Show.Unlike the Samoa News, Cool Stuff will pass judgment. Ronaiah Tuiasosopo emotionally raped Manti Teo much in the same way that Ronaiah claims he was physically raped as a 12 year old. My personal opinion — not that of the Samoa News — Ronaiah, you are a sick, creepy, selfish individual, not because you fooled the world, but because you exploited a little girl in front of me, you tainted the honorable Tuiasosopo, Teo and Kekua family names, you hurt innocent family members like Otillia and Brian Teo, Manti's little siblings, your parents, you hijacked the likeness of an innocent young lady, and remember — this wasn't the first time you have done this.You will probably do a book. I pray for your soul. I pray for the emotional recovery of your many victims.Manti will cleanse his undeserved reputation hit, as did the Super Bowl's Raven Linebacker Ray Lewis, accused falsely of harming someone in a knife fight 8-10 years ago. Manti's handlers failed him, when they should have had Manti share that he perpetuated the Lennay Kekua lie after his December 6 discovery to protect his BCS Bowl Bound Notre Dame team from the bizarre distraction. The way Manti expressed his falsehoods came out wrong and selfish.The October 6 interview where Manti stated that Lennay was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Met? Sounds like a President Bill Clinton-ism, during his impeachment proceedings.In a perfect Cool Stuff Universe, Manti would sign a $50 million endorsement contract with \\ (the online dating service), host and spoof himself on Saturday Night Live, then date and marry Diane O'Meara (the face of the fictitious Lennay Kekua). The Manti Teo Teine Aitu drama had nothing to do with Samoan culture; it was just cast with a few Samoan people. Thank goodness the Fa'a Samoa was never put in a bad light. As usual, the Samoa News proudly overachieved to be on the scene to give you the chance to interpret, for yourself, stories that are simply amazing. So now back to Fono news and more director appointments for a week, and then it's Manu Samoa at the USA Sevens, and of course, front page of the Samoa News from yours truly.